Dolph Ziggler claims "sucker punch" by Hugh Jackman

Dolph Ziggler claims "sucker punch" by Hugh Jackman

On WWE Raw SuperShow, celebrity guest and star of "Real Steel," Hugh Jackman found an underdog to manage in the form of Long Island Iced-Z, Zack Ryder. The Hollywood heavyweight successfully led the self-proclaimed Internet Champion to a win over U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match. During the bout, the Emmy and Tony award winner blasted Ziggler in the jaw while the referee was ejecting Vickie Guerrero from ringside. The right hand from "X-Men's" Wolverine led to an upset win for Ryder.

Jackman's physical involvement on Raw has received coverage on TMZ, Yahoo!, Huffington Post and many other mainstream media outlets.'s Joey Styles called the United States Champion who had just landed in the city of his next WWE live event for his thoughts on the incident that started the media firestorm.

JOEY STYLES: In your own words, what happened on Raw?

DOLPH ZIGGLER: What happened is that Hugh Jackman interfered in my match and blindsided me with a punch to the face while I was looking at Vickie Guerrero, and cost me a match with Zack Ryder. Zack Ryder! Ryder doesn't belong in the ring with me yet. Ryder doesn't belong in the ring with The Brooklyn Brawler yet.

STYLES: Are you happy with all the mainstream press you’ve received? Did you expect all the coverage?

ZIGGLER: I understand that publicity is good for WWE, but frankly I don't think a guest star should be making matches, much less interfering in them. I don't interfere with his movie shoots when the makeup artrists are making sure he doesn't look his age. The fact that he inserted himself into my world by sucker-punching me in the face not only pains me physically but mentally as well. Why would WWE allow Jackman to make a match to begin with? Where was our COO, Triple H? Why didn't he step in and take control of the show?

STYLES: Josh Mathews said that Jackman's punch was "X-Men"-esque. If you were a member of the X-Men like Wolverine, the character that Hugh Jackamn played in the mutant movies, what would your superpower be? Maybe Wolverine's mutant healing ability?

ZIGGLER: What kind of ridiculous question is that? I don't read comic books. I don't need to fantasize about being a superhero. I'm a larger-than-life WWE Superstar. Now, if I ever see Jackman again, he'll need super healing powers because I'm going to punch him right in the face. I'm not going to cheap shot him like he cheap shotted me. I want him to know it's coming.

STYLES: Will you be seething while sitting in the movie theater when you watch “Real Steel”?

ZIGGLER: Real what? He'll get more exposure because he was in the ring with me on WWE TV than he will from that movie.

STYLES: How hard does Hugh Jackman punch in comparison to other WWE Superstars?

ZIGGLER: Are you listening to me? It's wasn't a real punch. He blindsided me. Anyone can hurt you when they do that.

STYLES: Was Vickie still trying to hook up with Hugh Jackman after he humiliated you?

ZIGGLER: Humiliated me? Don't you work for I would expect these types of questions from TMZ, not WWE. Why are you insulting me? Enough about Hugh Jackman! The real humiliation was being in the ring with Zack Ryder in the first place! I'm the United States Champion!

STYLES: I'm sorry if I offended you. Let's steer clear of Hugh Jackman. Since you mentioned Zack Ryder, was it more embarrassing to get decked by an actor who stars in Broadway musicals or get pinned by the imaginary Internet Champion?

ZIGGLER: [yelling] Do you find this funny!? You would never ask me these questions if we were face-to-face and not having this stupid conversation over the phone! I shouldn't have had a Tony Award-winner dancing around my WWE ring!

STYLES: Do you think you’d have better luck taking a punch from a different Tony Award winner? Perhaps Nathan Lane?

Editor's Note: The U.S. Champion's response to this question was not fit to publish here on and after his tirade, he hung up. Ziggler's threats toward Joey Styles were duly noted as was Dolph's intent for his competition this Monday.

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