“C-O-N-spiracy” victims assemble!

“C-O-N-spiracy” victims assemble!

We never thought we’d say this, but perhaps R-Truth has been right all along.

This past Monday night, the conspiracy-obsessed Superstar and his new cohort The Miz viciously took control of Raw by decimating Santino Marella and proclaiming that they would be marginalized by WWE’s many conspirators no longer. Both former main event Superstars, The Awesome One and the “Little Jimmy”-loathing Truth vowed to take the many opportunities that haven’t been given to them in recent weeks – by any means necessary. And given the controversy swirling throughout WWE in the aftermath of SummerSlam, perhaps they’ve both got it all figured out.

embedcolon25031297Miz & Truth have come a long way since their tag team pairing on the Aug. 1 edition of Raw, when The Awesome One rejected Truth’s unorthodox point-of-view as being “warped” (WATCH). However, there were signs even then that these uneasy allies shared at least some common ground when they scored a victory over Rey Mysterio & John Morrison. He might not talk to himself – despite loving the sound of his own voice – but The Miz would soon learn he had more in common with Truth than he ever imagined.

No one that witnessed Miz & Truth’s clashes for the United States Championship in the spring of 2010 could have possibly imagined that these two bitter nemeses would ever see things eye-to-eye. Yet, Truth’s strong belief in a so-called “C-O-N-spiracy” against him has ensnared The Cleveland Screamer, who has gone from successfully defending the WWE Championship at WrestleMania to waging fruitless wars of words with Subway spokesman Jared Fogle on Raw. (PHOTOS)

embedcolon25029383Moreover, instead of stealing the show at SummerSlam as he had promised, Miz ended up on the losing side of a Six-Man Tag Team Match, teaming with Truth & Alberto Del Rio against Morrison, Mysterio & Kofi Kingston in the night’s opening bout. The Mexican Aristocrat would go on to become the show-stealer at The Biggest Event of the Summer by cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase on a prone CM Punk to capture the WWE Championship. Meanwhile, the defeated Miz & Truth were relegated to the locker room area for the remainder of the evening while a shocking series of events shook the WWE Universe to its core … with plenty of time to think.

Since many now question the true motives of WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H, WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis, WWE EVP of Operations Stephanie McMahon and even former WWE Champion Kevin Nash following the contentious conclusion of SummerSlam, WWE.com wonders: How many others in WWE besides The Miz & R-Truth are afflicted by conspiracy? Will others join this skeptical duo in their quest for answers?


embedcolon25026492Mr. McMahon
Citing a vote of no confidence from WWE’s Board of Directors, Mr. McMahon’s own son-in-law, Triple H, relieved The Chairman of his day-to-day duties in the middle of the ring on the July 18 edition of Raw. Since then, we’ve had simultaneous WWE Champions for the first time ever, the controversial return of The Game’s Kliq cohort Nash and, amazingly, even more deceit than usual. If he were still in power, would Mr. McMahon allow all of this chaos to continue?

John Cena
As special guest referee for Cena’s Undisputed WWE Championship Match against CM Punk at SummerSlam, Triple H affirms that it was a lapse in judgment that awarded The Straight Edge Superstar the pinfall victory. But did he really not see the Cenation’s leader’s foot on the bottom rope as Cena scored the pinfall?

Christian consistently blames others for his own failures, but maybe there’s some credence to his qualms. After all, not even a team of highly paid lawyers could save this resentful Superstar from being forced to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton in a career-threatening No Holds Barred Match at SummerSlam.

embedcolon25031258CM Punk
Triple H’s admitted bad call at SummerSlam awarded Punk the Undisputed WWE Championship, but all celebrations were cut short when The Game’s longtime friend Kevin Nash stormed the ring and laid out the unsuspecting Second City Savior with a Jackknife Powerbomb. This surpise attack left Punk vulnerable to Alberto Del Rio’s Money in the Bank cash-in attempt, costing him the title. Whether The Game sent the text message attack order or not, someone has it out for Punk.

Triple H
Yep, you read that right. With Triple H vehemently denying having ordered Kevin Nash’s hit on then-WWE Champion CM Punk at SummerSlam, it’s entirely likely that someone is using The Game’s friendship with Big Daddy Cool (and apparently his cell phone) to cast doubt on his leadership ability as WWE’s newly minted COO.  And what of Nash’s reported “car accident” during Raw this past Monday? It seemed as though someone really wanted The Cerebral Assassin out of the building.

How deep do you think this conspiracy goes? Or do you think The Miz & R-Truth are completely off base? Share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.   

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