2009 WWE Draft quick sheet

2009 WWE Draft quick sheet

Drafted on Raw
Big Show from SmackDown to Raw

Chris Jericho from Raw to SmackDown

CM Punk from Raw to SmackDown

Kane from ECW to SmackDown

Divas Champion Maryse from SmackDown to Raw

Matt Hardy to Raw

Women's Champion Melina from Raw to SmackDown

United States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter from SmackDown to Raw

The Miz from ECW to Raw

Rey Mysterio from Raw to SmackDown

WWE Champion Triple H from SmackDown to Raw

Vladimir Kozlov from SmackDown to ECW

2009 WWE Supplemental Draft

Mr. Kennedy to Raw

Shad to SmackDown

Alicia Fox to SmackDown

Unified WWE Tag Team Champion Primo to Raw

Mike Knox to SmackDown

Ezekiel Jackson to ECW

Nikki Bella to Raw

Candice Michelle to SmackDown

Zack Ryder to ECW

Chavo Guerrero to Raw

Ricky Ortiz to SmacKDown

Layla to SmackDown

Hornswoggle to Raw

DH Smith to ECW

John Morrison to SmackDown

Unified WWE Tag Team Champion Carlito to Raw

Natalya to ECW

Festus to Raw

JTG to SmackDown

Dolph Ziggler to SmackDown

The Brian Kendrick to Raw

Charlie Haas to SmackDown

Hurricane Helms on ECW

Brie Bella to Raw

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