Cesaro def. Ilja Dragunov

Cesaro def. Ilja Dragunov

Earlier this week, Cesaro informed the WWE Universe that he was coming to NXT UK TakeOver to take a “hands-on approach.” After Cesaro emerged in Wales to issue an open challenge, Ilja Dragunov answered the call, and the stage was set for an impromptu showdown between the highly decorated WWE Superstar and the NXT UK upstart.

Cesaro took the early upper hand, unceremoniously tossing Dragunov over the top rope and out to the hard ringside floor and spinning him in the Cesaro Swing to the tune of 40 rotations!

A never-ending Cesaro Swing leaves Dragunov dazed: NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff

A seemingly never-ending Cesaro Swing leaves Ilja Dragunov a dizzy mess: Courtesy of WWE Network.

Dragunov fired back with a fury, as both men unleashed a series of high-impact maneuvers that thrilled the Wales fans.

When Dragunov appeared to be going for the Tornado Moscow in the final moments, Cesaro suddenly countered, throwing his opponent into the air and catching him with the uppercut on the way back down before finally finishing him off with the Neutralizer.

Although it looked as if Cesaro was going to execute a post-match attack on the defeated Dragunov, he stopped short to shake his hand and embrace him instead. (Holy) Moscow indeed!

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