WWE NXT UK results: Sept. 30, 2021


Moustache Mountain def. Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith

In a matchup between two of the most exciting and longest-tenured tag teams in NXT UK history, Moustache Mountain and Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith threw caution to the wind in an instant classic.

Symbiosis, who recently came up short against Carter, Smith and Saxon Huxley in a thrilling Six-Man Tag Team Match, helped themselves to a better look from the top of the stage. When the triumvirate began to march to the ring, however, they were cut off by Jack Starz and “Bomber” Dave Mastiff, and the fists began to fly.

Carter and Smith both launched themselves at the brawling Superstars, who soon fought their way to the locker room area. Moments later, Seven suplexed Carter on the ringside floor, and Bate miraculously suplexed Smith from the apron back into the ring. 

Moustache Mountain immediately followed up with their trademark assisted snap dragon suplex to seal the win.

Dani Luna def. Xia Brookside

During an encounter at the NXT UK Performance Center, Xia Brookside openly wondered if Dani Luna had the speed to keep up with her.

She now has her answer.

Brookside used her speed and technical prowess to briefly gain the upper hand with a stick-and-move approach that was highlighted by an impressive hurricanrana, but Luna earned the victory by catching her airborne opponent and planting her with an innovative powerbomb.

After the bell, Luna stuck out her hand as a sign of respect, and Brookside emphatically slapped her hand before sulking from the ring.

Charlie Dempsey def. Josh Morrell via submission

Prior to his in-ring debut against Josh Morrell, not much was known about Charlie Dempsey.

But after just one match, the WWE Universe is well aware that Dempsey employs a traditional mat-grappling style, approaches his matchups with a deadly serious mindset and has an impressive array of submissions at his disposal.

Dempsey concluded his impressive outing by folding his foe like a pretzel to force the tapout.

Joe Coffey def. Jordan Devlin

After several locker room confrontations between Gallus and Jordan Devlin, The Iron King and The Irish Ace finally looked to settle the score in the squared circle.

To Devlin’s detriment, he often found himself preoccupied by Wolfgang and Mark Coffey at ringside, but the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion nevertheless kept pace with his opponent at his own game, staggering him with several savage right hands and mocking Gallus by striking their signature cross-armed pose.

Devlin’s disrespect seemed to strike a nerve with Coffey, who flung his foe across the ring and leveled him with a vicious German suplex.

With his brother in danger moments later, Mark Coffey hopped onto the ring apron and donned Devlin’s sunglasses. And when Devlin turned his attention back to Joe Coffey and attempted to go back on the attack, Wolfgang grabbed hold of his friend’s arm to prevent The Irish Ace from doing so. Coffey then clobbered Devlin with All the Best for the Bells for the 1-2-3.

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