WWE NXT UK results: Sept. 1, 2022


Blair Davenport def. Amale, Isla Dawn and Eliza Alexander in a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match to determine the No. 1 Contender to Meiko Satomura

Blair Davenport has stated in no uncertain terms that she would be the NXT UK Women’s Champion right now if not for a nasty leg injury that she sustained in her last match with titleholder Meiko Satomura.

And after defeating Amale, Isla Dawn and Eliza Alexander in a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match, Davenport now has the opportunity to make good on her bold proclamation.

The French Hope impressed in the early going by launching herself off the top turnbuckle and wiping out all three of her opponents at ringside. Moments later, Amale almost drove Dawn through the canvas with the Hope Breaker before she, Davenport and Alexander all covered The White Witch for the pinfall.

Davenport and Alexander formed a brief alliance against Amale, and though Amale showed tremendous resilience, she was eliminated when Davenport leveled her with a dropkick and Alexander finished the job with a savage knee to the jaw.

Alexander nearly scored the upset win when she folded her opponent with a German suplex, but Davenport clocked Alexander with a running knee to the face and spiked her into the canvas to earn a championship fight.

Davenport, however, won’t just be challenging The Final Boss. Thanks to her impressive win, she will take part in a Title Unification Triple Threat Match against Satomura and NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose at Worlds Collide this Sunday, Sept. 4.

Saxon Huxley def. Kenny Williams

With the NXT UK Universe in his corner, Saxon Huxley overwhelmed Kenny Williams in the early goings, ruthlessly chucking his dastardly foe around the squared circle with ease.

The Scum of the Earth struck back with a barrage of flying reverse elbows and several nasty kicks to his opponent’s legs.

Huxley, however, soon found himself the beneficiary of a sudden appearance by Chase University, especially when Andre Chase and Bodhi Hayward caught Williams and dropped him to the ringside floor after Huxley sent him careening off the apron. Huxley immediately followed up with a chokeslam powerbomb for the 1-2-3.

Tyler Bate def. Trent Seven in the NXT UK Championship Tournament to win the vacant title

With animosity at an unfathomable high and the NXT UK faithful at a fever pitch from bell to bell, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven pulverized one another in an instant classic of an NXT UK Championship bout.

Bate, who finally got his hands on Seven for the first time since The Don savagely attacked him after feigning retirement, was right in his element when both competitors fell to their knees late in the contest and exchanged some merciless right hands to the face followed by a series of nasty chops to the chest.

Seven, who astonishingly kicked out of the Tyler Driver ’97 several minutes after Bate got his shoulder off the mat following a Seven Stars Lariat, came within an eyelash of winning the NXT UK Championship when he executed an innovative slam from the top rope and followed up by blasting Bate with his own Tyler Driver ’97 for a long two-count.

Bate got back on track by stealing his opponent’s Seven Stars Lariat and a corkscrew from the top rope, but Seven also refused to stay down.

Then, after powering out of Seven’s crafty pinning combination, Bate ducked a forearm strike, landed one of his own, and earned the NXT UK Title with another Tyler Driver ’97 to become the first two-time NXT UK Champion.

The Big Strong Boi will now collide with NXT UK Champion Bron Breakker in a Title Unification Match at Worlds Collide on Sunday, Sept. 4.

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