WWE NXT UK results: May 12, 2022

Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter def. Joe & Mark Coffey

Brothers Joe & Mark Coffey picked apart Oliver Carter at the onset of the match in the hopes of putting The Gallus Boys on top, but Carter refused to stay down for long, flipping Mark end-over-end to tag in Ashton Smith before the high-flying duo sent the brothers tumbling to the arena floor with a series of precision dropkicks.

After getting some encouragement from his younger brother, Joe sent Smith flying with a belly-to-belly suplex, imposing his will despite tweaking his leg following a backbreaker. The damaged leg proved to be a target for Smith & Carter as they wore down “The Iron King” by hammering away at the injury.

Joe powered through the pain to kick out of a big boot and an assisted 360 Splash before catching Carter with a pair of knees during another attempted splash to escape and tag in his brother.

Mark stormed in to level Smith & Carter with a flurry of offense until, after taking a moment to recover, Joe called for the tag so the tandem could knock Smith off his feet with a combined clothesline and chopblock for another near fall. After Carter jumped in to break up the pin, he flattened Mark on the outside floor with a dive over the ropes which allowed Smith to cut the legs out from under Joe before hitting an assisted moonsault in the center of the ring to earn the pinfall victory.

Ivy Nile def. Nina Samuels

Ivy Nile made a powerful impression in her NXT UK debut, gloating and showcasing her strength by doing pushups while maintaining control of Nina Samuels with a head scissor lock.

After breaking the submission, Samuels snapped Nile’s head across the ropes to take charge of the match. “The Pitbull” swung the momentum back to her side, powering out of a submission attempt to drop Samuels with an enziguri before sending the talk show host flying with a fallaway slam.

Nile pummeled Samuels in the corner and climbed to the top rope until Samuels caught her by surprise with an ear-ringing slap that only made Nile angry. The NXT 2.0 Superstar locked in her Dragon Sleeper on top of the turnbuckle before flipping off the top rope for a unique facebuster, holding on to her submission to force Samuels to tap out.

Ilja Dragonuv def. Jordan Devlin to retain the NXT UK Championship

The two storied and intense rivals held nothing back in a wild rematch for the NXT UK Title, setting the tone early with a flurry of fierce right hands before Jordan Devlin muscled Ilja Dragunov up for a brainbuster across the top rope and send the NXT UK Champion crashing to the floor.

Devlin continued to dissect the injured neck with a series of kicks and slams as Dragunov struggled to maintain any offense. After fighting his way out of a Half-Crab submission, Dragunov battered The Irish Ace with a barrage of devastating clotheslines and suplexes to take Devlin off his feet.

As Dragunov attempted to go high-risk, Devlin knocked him off the top rope and flattened Dragunov with a springboard moonsault before delivering a reverse cutter for a near fall. The two Superstars traded blows atop the turnbuckle until Dragunov gained control and sent Devlin flying with a massive Superplex.

Dragunov went to finish the match with a Torpedo Moscow, but Devlin sidestepped out of the way as The NXT UK Champion crashed into the turnbuckle, hoisting Dragunov up for a Devlinside and the pinfall. But as The Irish Ace celebrated with the NXT UK Title, General Manager Johnny Saint stormed out to ringside to inform the referee that Dragunov had his foot on the ropes and the match must be restarted.

As the bell rang once again, Dragunov nearly pulled a quick one on the furious Devlin with a surprise headbutt, but as he charged in for a Torpedo Moscow The Irish Ace countered with a sunset flip piledriver and a vertical suplex for a shocking near fall.

The two bitter adversaries traded headbutts until Dragunov countered a Devlinside with a German Suplex, catching The Irish Ace with a Torpedo Moscow to earn the victory and retain the NXT UK Championship.

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