WWE NXT UK results: June 9, 2022


Mark Andrews def. Kenny Williams

Right from the toll of the opening bell, Kenny Williams didn’t seem to have his A-game against Mark Andrews, who was seeking payback after suffering a knee injury at the hands of The Scum of the Earth.

The paranoid Williams spent the opening few moments of the bout checking under the ring for his recent masked tormentor, Tiger Turan.

Williams appeared to be closing in on a win when he dropped Andrews throat-first on the rope and hit a chop block, but he was immediately paralyzed with fear when Turan suddenly appeared on the ring apron. Seconds later, Turan avoided a right hand from Williams, and The Scum of the Earth was rolled up by Andrews for the three-count.

Symbiosis def. Tate Mayfairs & Oli Blake

If this was the swan song for Primate and T-Bone, they want out with a bang.

The two brutes pulverized Tate Mayfairs and Oli Blake, scoring the win when T-Bone planted Mayfairs with a powerslam and Primate finished him off with a diving headbutt, though the impressive win was overshadowed by what happened after the bout.

Eddie Dennis raised the arms of Primate and T-Bone, quickly threw them back down and began soaking up the spotlight. The disgruntled competitors suddenly attacked Dennis and drilled him with the same powerslam/diving headbutt combination that earned them the victory.

Primate and T-Bone then shook hands in the entranceway and exited in separate directions.

Eliza Alexander def. Amale

Amale has been fighting quite the uphill battle against Xia Brookside and her powerful new associate Eliza Alexander, but The French Hope keeps coming back for more.

Despite Brookside dishing out endless trash talk from ringside and distracting her nemesis to allow Alexander to take the upper hand with a boot to the face, Amale fired back with a flurry of wicked forearm strikes and a thunderous bulldog for a two-count.

Brookside once again tipped the scales when she hopped onto the apron, only to be greeted with a pump kick to the face by Amale. Alexander capitalized on the distraction, however, by drilling her opponent with a savage kick to the kneecap and followed up with the decisive running knee to the face.

NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura def. Ivy Nile

Streaks are made to be broken; just ask NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura.

The Final Boss was opposed by arguably the greatest threat to her year-long title reign, as Ivy Nile entered the championship fight still undefeated in singles competition and looking to bring more gold to Diamond Mine after The Creed Brothers captured the NXT Tag Team Championship from Pretty Deadly at NXT In Your House.

She came close to accomplishing the feat on multiple occasions, planting her leg into Satomura’s back while cranking back on her arms in a painful submission hold, then landing an enzuigiri and a jumping kick before spiking the titleholder with an innovate somersaulting bulldog from the second rope.

Satomura, however, absorbed the very best from The Pitbull of Diamond Mine, wiggled free from a dragon sleeper and kept the challenger’s shoulders to the mat for the three-count, all in one motion.

After the incredible title bout, Satomura helped Nile back to her feet, and the two competitors embraced and shook hands as NXT UK concluded.

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