WWE NXT UK results: June 2, 2022

Von Wagner def. Sam Gradwell

The clash between the two titans started off hot and heavy as Von Wagner and Sam Gradwell traded clubbing blows to try and prove who was the bigger powerhouse. Wagner eventually toppled Gradwell with a huge right hand, raining down elbows on the UK Superstar before tossing him across the ring with a fallaway slam.

Wagner continued to punish Gradwell, squeezing the energy out of him with a bear hug until Gradwell powered his way out with a stiff right hand. Gradwell managed to take Wagner off his feet with a pair of flying forearms, one off the top rope, before dropping Wagner with a thunderous body slam for a near fall.

Gradwell tried to keep his foot on the gas with a suplex, but Wagner battled out of the attempt to plant Gradwell with a unique facebuster. Wagner picked up Gradwell to throw him in the stands, but Gradwell jumped off and onto Wagner’s back for a sleeper hold. An undeterred Wagner hoisted a fighting Gradwell onto his shoulders for a swinging powerslam and the 1-2-3.

Stevie Turner def. Angel Hayze

Looking to pick up a much-needed win, Angel Hayze and Stevie Turner grappled for control. Using the referee for a quick distraction, Turner surprised Hayze with a big boot before stomping the up-and-comer in the corner.

Hayze rallied quickly with a dropkick, but it didn’t keep Turner down for long as the fourth-dimension Superstar leveled Hayze with a running knee before delivering a brutal neckbreaker for a near-fall. After dodging another big boot, Hayze stunned Turner with a jawbreaker and a slingblade.

Hayze looked to keep her momentum going, but Turner grabbed ahold of her tights to slow her down before delivering another huge boot to set up Hayze for the Mass Effect and the pinfall.

Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter def. Moustache Mountain and Die Familie to win the NXT UK Tag Team Titles

With gold on the line, Tyler Bate, Oliver Carter, and Teoman stared each other down to open the colossal Triple Threat Match. The three Superstars looked to gain the early edge in a fast and chaotic opening few minutes as Bate & Carter formed a short alliance to take out Teoman.

As the other members of the three tag teams entered the ring, the three Superstars slugged it out until Die Familie used their numbers to trap Smith and Seven in the ring apron and hammer away at the duo. “The Eye” wiped out all four competitors to maintain control, but they could not score the pinfall as Trent Seven survived the onslaught to catch Teoman with an enzuigiri and tag in Bate to turn the tide.

The Big Strong Boi cleared house until Ashton Smith leveled him and Teoman with a double clothesline to tag in Carter for a flurry of offense that included a jaw-dropping top-rope hurricanrana. Mayhem broke out quickly as Teoman dove in to break up a pin attempt by Carter, leading to all six Superstars flooding the ring for a series of wild back-and-forth action.

When the dust finally settled, only Seven was left standing to take out both Smith & Carter. Moustache Mountain nearly retained their titles following a tandem flying knee and body slam, but Teoman jumped in at the last second to break up the pin and nearly steal the victory.

Irate, Rohan Raja grabbed one of the tag team titles and slid it to Teoman, but Smith countered the attempted blow to send Teoman tumbling to the arena floor with a clothesline, turning around into one from Seven.

Determined to remain a champion, Seven grabbed his title to put the match away, but Bate intervened to grab the other end of the title and prevent the use of the weapon. While the two played tug-of-war with the title, Carter dove in to wipe out Bate while Smith rolled up Seven to record the pinfall and win the NXT UK Tag Team Championship.

As Smith & Carter celebrated finally reaching the summit, Moustache Mountain appeared to crumble as Seven stormed off, repeatedly yelling “I’m done” at Bate as he left the arena.

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