WWE NXT UK results: July 29, 2021


Jordan Devlin def. Tristan Archer

Arrogant as ever, Jordan Devlin nonchalantly scoffed at Tristan Archer immediately after stepping through the ropes.

Though Archer caught the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion off guard with several blistering strikes, Devlin recovered in time to stagger his opponent with a headbutt and finish him off with the Devlin Side.

The Irish Ace was in no mood to celebrate his win, however, as he immediately grabbed a microphone and berated A-Kid, claiming that he would end his nemesis’ career in their upcoming WWE Iron Man Match.

As Devlin continued to chirp, A-Kid hobbled to the ring on crutches, which Devlin kicked away. Seemingly recovered from his injury, A-Kid assaulted Devlin with several right hands, a suplex and a clothesline out of the ring before picking up the microphone and promising to win next week’s match.

Jinny def. Aoife Valkyrie

Aoife Valkyrie is off to a heck of a start in her NXT UK career. After defeating tough competitors such as Dani Luna, Isla Dawn and Stevie Turner, she nearly scoring an incredible victory against the legendary Meiko Satomura. But at least one of her peers isn’t impressed.

Making no attempt to disguise her utter disdain for Valkyrie and sneering at her nemesis on her march to the ring, Jinny secured the upper hand with a headscissors takedown and pulled her opponent’s hair to fold Valkyrie into a painful looking submission hold.

Jinny may have made a mistake when she berated her foe and slapped her in the face, however, as Valkyrie reached a new level of intensity and overwhelmed The Fashionista with several brutal clotheslines and a pinpoint spinning heel kick.

Valkyrie had to deal with nearly non-stop interference and trash talk from Joseph Conners at ringside, and his presence proved critical down the stretch. A fed-up Valkyrie leveled Conners with a right forearm to the face when he jumped onto the apron, but Jinny capitalized with a rolling Liger kick to the head to notch the pinfall.

Stevie Turner def. Aleah James

A self-described “futuristic athlete,” Stevie Turner had no issues backing up her boisterous claim during her battle with Aleah James.

With her bluster on full display from the opening bell, Turner used a methodical pace to wear down her foe and showed off a mean streak by dragging James’ face across the middle rope and kicking her in the back of the head.

James caught fire with a jawbreaker and a crossbody from the middle rope, but Turner sealed the victory by backing James up against the ropes and dropping her face-first into the canvas.

Moustache Mountain def. Symbiosis

Though not competing in an official No. 1 Contenders’ Match, Moustache Mountain and Symbiosis certainly treated their main-event encounter like it was one, pulverizing each other in the name of claiming a statement victory.

The stage was set prior to the opening bell, as T-Bone and Primate attacked while their opponents were entering the ring, though they backed away when Trent Seven brandished his nunchucks.

After absorbing tremendous punishment for several minutes, Seven finally made a desperation tag to Tyler Bate, who entered the ring like he was fired out of a cannon, hitting an airplane spin and a dropkick before planting Primate with Tyler Driver ‘97, forcing T-Bone to break up the pinfall.

Symbiosis appeared to have a win within their grasp when Eddie Dennis launched Bate back-first into the ringside barricade behind the official’s back, Primate landed a thunderous powerbomb and T-Bone nailed a frogsplash, but Seven broke up the pinfall in the nick of time.

Moustache Mountain landed the decisive blow in the vicious encounter when Bate went airborne for an assisted Burning Hammer on Wild Boar to score the 1-2-3.

After the match, NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly hit entranceway, applauding the victorious competitors as NXT UK concluded, though it was certainly fair to question the sincerity of the gesture.

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