WWE NXT UK results: July 22, 2021


NXT UK Management declared that WALTER vs. Dragunov II will take place at NXT Takeover

The NXT UK Universe will have to wait just a bit longer for the biggest rematch in the brand’s history.

NXT UK Champion WALTER, who has held the prestigious prize for more than two years, was slated to defend the gold tonight against Ilya Dragunov, but The Ring General injured his hand during a backstage altercation with The Mad Russian after last week’s contentious press conference.

As a result, NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint, Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala, NXT General Manager William Regal, Triple H and Shawn Michaels announced that WALTER vs. Dragunov II will take place live at the Capitol Wrestling Center at NXT TakeOver on Sunday, Aug. 22!

Nina Samuels def. Laura Di Matteo

Judging from her performance against Laura Di Matteo, you would never know that Nina Samuels hadn’t competed in a match since February.

The self-proclaimed Leading Lady of NXT UK suffered a bit of a setback in February, losing to Xia Brookside in a match wherein the loser had to become the winner’s personal assistant for a month.

Samuels shook off the humbling experience with a dominant showing in her return bout, highlighted by an impressive tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a win-clinching knee to the face.

Jinny and Joseph Conners touted their greatness on Noam Dar’s “Supernova Sessions”

Jinny and Joseph Conners didn’t waste any time making an impression on Noam Dar’s “Supernova Sessions,” as The Fashionista immediately took issue with The Scottish Supernova setting her up to sit on a folding chair instead of something more comfortable.

And when Dar questioned whether Jinny and Conners were in a business relationship or something more, Conners cut him off and reminded everyone that he is on the greatest roll of his career since joining forces with The Fashionista.

Jinny concluded the show by addressing Aoife Valkyrie, accusing the mysterious Superstar of repeatedly watching her from a distance because she’s scared. Before making her exit, Jinny vowed to destroy her newfound rival.

Joseph Conners def. Tristan Archer

Fresh off the set of “Supernova Sessions,” Joseph Conners got down to business against the veteran Tristan Archer.

Archer used a series of blistering strikes to put Conners back on his heels in the early goings, but Conners regained control with a vicious backbreaker. Conners later spiked Archer with a DDT before landing the Hierarchy to remain undefeated in singles competition since joining forces with The Fashionista.

Following the bell, Aoife Valkyrie quietly emerged, locked eyes with Jinny and hopped the barricade for a tense face-to-face in the aisleway. After several seconds, Valkyrie removed one of the feathers from her outfit and handed it to Jinny, who folded it and dropped it on the floor as Valkyrie exited.

NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly def. Subculture

Though Pretty Deadly seemingly did everything in their power to avoid Subculture, their fate was sealed two weeks ago when Mark Andrews triumphed over Lewis Howley in an edge-of-your-seat thriller to earn Subculture its first two-on-two title bout since October 2019.

Subculture pulled out all the stops in their bid to become the first two-time NXT UK Tag Team Champions, as their frenzied attack featured Andrews sending Howley to the canvas with an electrifying hurricanrana, the duo delivering a pair of dropkicks that knocked their foes out of the ring, Flash Morgan Webster clobbering Sam Stoker with a savage clothesline and a dropkick, and both challengers going airborne for dueling head-over-heels dives over the top rope that wiped out each of the titleholders at ringside.

Howley and Sam Stoker used their considerable size edge to their advantage on several occasions, highlighted by a vicious DDT from Stoker to Andrews, as well as Howley dropping Webster jaw-first on the top turnbuckle.

With both tandems on wobbly legs late in the title fight, Andrews attempted a shooting star press on Stoker, but Howley pulled his partner out of the way at the last second. And when Webster launched himself over the ropes, he was caught by the champions, who smashed him chest-first on the barricade.

Moments later, Pretty Deadly leveled Andrews with a double-team maneuver behind the official’s back to retain the titles.

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