WWE NXT UK results: Jan. 27, 2022


Die Familie def. Gallus via Submission

This was inevitable: Gallus and Die Familie trading haymakers and brutalizing one another in a savage fight to determine the most dominant trio in NXT UK.

Late in the bout, Mark Coffey made a much-needed diving tag to Wolfgang, who hit the ring like a ball of fire and concentrated most of his attack on Teoman, blitzing him with several menacing strikes.

Joe Coffey soon tagged into the match and followed suit, wrecking Rohan Raja with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and a crossbody from the top rope for a two-count.

Charlie Dempsey looked to be in dire straits when he was outnumbered by Wolfgang and Mark Coffey, but he got a pair of timely assists from his teammates, as Raja yanked Mark Coffey out of the ring and Teoman took out Wolfgang with a vile chop block. In the blink of an eye, Wolfgang was easy pickings for Dempsey, who trapped him in a unique variation of the STF to force the tapout.

Jinny def. Amale

Though she tends to look down her nose at nearly all of her opponents, Jinny has seemingly been harboring exceptional disdain for Amale ever since The Fashionista and Stevie Turner callously mocked The French Hope in the backstage area several weeks ago.

And while Amale already got retribution against Turner by defeating her in a one-on-one collision, Jinny largely controlled the pace in this encounter, locking her foe in an excruciating octopus submission hold.

Amale somehow fought free, hurled Jinny across the ring with a hip toss, and blasted her with a boot to the side of the face, but Jinny suddenly scored a controversial victory when she grabbed Amale by the hair to avoid the Hope Breaker and placed her feet on the middle rope to steal the pinfall.

NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov def. Jordan Devlin in an Empty Arena Match

With NXT UK management fearing for the safety of those who would have been in attendance, NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov and Jordan Devlin used seemingly every inch of the empty arena to pulverize one another in a lawless title bout.

As an eerie silence permeated the NXT Arena, Dragunov held his championship above his head during his ring introduction, only to be met by a surprise headbutt from Devlin, who followed his devious strike by raining down fists on the titleholder. At the toll of the bell, however, Dragunov ducked when Devlin attempted to strike him with the championship and leveled him with several German suplexes.

When the savagery spilled to ringside, Devlin flung Dragunov into the steel steps, only for the Czar to recover and bulldoze his challenger through the ringside barricade. Devlin soon regained the upper hand and leveled the titleholder with a moonsault from an equipment box.

Back in the ring, the brutality continued when Devlin raked the eyes of Dragunov in an attempt to break free from his clutches, but Dragunov nevertheless smashed The Irish Ace through a table with a fireman’s carry takeover, drawing a two-count.

Desperate to win the title, Devlin whipped Dragunov with cable ties and tied his hands behind his back before placing his head on the steel steps and attempting to crush him with a steel chair strike.  Fortunately, Dragunov dodged the attack, kicked Devlin in the face and launched himself off the steel chairs to land Torpedo Moscow and pin his challenger with his hands still tied behind his back, unleashing his trademark battle cry while doing so.

With chairs, steel steps and a broken table strewn across the canvas, an emotional Dragunov held his championship over his head as NXT UK concluded.

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