WWE NXT UK results: Aug. 11, 2022


Oliver Carter def. Charlie Dempsey in an NXT UK Championship Tournament First-Round Match

Perhaps no WWE Superstar has faced more recent adversity than Oliver Carter.

The exciting young competitor had no choice but to relinquish the NXT UK Tag Team Title that he had been chasing for two-and-a-half years, he lost his friend and tag team partner Ashton Smith to a knee injury, and he has seemingly become the top target of Die Familie and is often subjected to multiple three-on-one beatdowns from the group.

In the first round of the NXT UK Championship Tournament, however, Carter was one step ahead of his tormentors, as he attacked all three while they were posing during their entrance and continued to fire away at Dempsey when the match began.

Though fighting through immense pain in his obviously injured knee, Carter struggled his way out of a submission hold, rolled up Dempsey for the three-count, and is now two wins away from becoming NXT UK Champion. In the semifinals, he will take on the winner of the first-round clash between Wolfgang and Trent Seven.

Eliza Alexander def. Thea Hail

After brawling with Amale, Blair Davenport and Isla Dawn at the end of last week’s NXT UK, Eliza Alexander was still in a fighting mood in her battle with Chase University’s Thea Hail.

Hail showed tremendous school spirit in the early goings, rallying the NXT UK fans and blitzing her opponent with an arm-drag takeover, a picture-perfect dropkick and a wicked back elbow to the jaw.

Alexander nevertheless showed off her vicious side by ensnaring Hail in a nasty camel clutch before claiming the victory by clobbering Hail with a running knee to the face, perhaps strengthening her case that she deserves to challenge NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura.

Sam Gradwell def. Teoman

Rough night for Die Familie.

Just a short time after Charlie Dempsey fell to Oliver Carter in the opening round of the NXT UK Championship Tournament, Teoman was outclassed by Sam Gradwell.

The Thunderstorm, who has taken it upon himself to keep his fellow Superstars in line, recently confronted Teoman and the rest of Die Familie to chastise them for their frequent three-on-one attacks.

And when Rohan Raja was ejected from ringside for yanking Gradwell from the turnbuckles, Gradwell took advantage by clocking his foe with a knee brace to the face and an innovative slam for the win.

Trent Seven def. Wolfgang in an NXT UK Championship Tournament First-Round Match

Hellbent on proving that he never needed Tyler Bate and affirming his claim that he is the top Superstar in NXT UK, Trent Seven looked down his nose at the NXT UK Universe from the second he entered the BT Sports Studios Arena and pulled out every dirty trick in the book during his match against Wolfgang.

Basking in the chants of “you sold out,” The Don did everything he could to maintain his distance from The Last King of Scotland in the early goings and mocked the fans with the classic Moustache Mountain pose.

After Wolfgang overwhelmed Seven with a double axe, a thunderous scoop slam and a diving elbow to the face for a long-two count, Seven raised his knees into Wolfgang’s back to counter a Swanton, drilled him with a right hand and planted him with a decisive Burning Hammer.

Dubbed “The Silver Fox” by Nigel McGuinness, the dastardly Seven is now primed for a must-see semifinals clash with Carter.

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