Trent Seven vs. Eddie Dennis

Trent Seven vs. Eddie Dennis

NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II will not be for the faint of heart when Trent Seven goes head-to-head with Eddie Dennis in a match that promises to be an absolute slugfest.

Dennis has recently taken a strong interest in Trent Seven. First, he appeared when The Artful Dodger was greeting the WWE Universe, shaking The Big Strong Boi’s hand and not letting go. Then, before Seven’s match against the debuting Michael May, Dennis suddenly emerged to deliver a pre-match assault on May before throwing him into the ring as some sort of offering to Seven.  

Finally having enough, Seven called out Dennis to finally get an explanation on the Dec. 19 edition of on NXT UK. But rather than offer some clarity, the intense former Headmaster attacked him with his mic without uttering a single word. He then told Seven that he would see him at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II.

Now, the highly-anticipated contest has been made for NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II, streaming live on WWE Network on Sunday, Jan. 12, at 12 p.m. ET/5 p.m. GMT.

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