There will be no escape for Eddie Dennis as he’s chained to Wild Boar in Dog Collar Match

After weeks of being hunted, Eddie Dennis will no longer be able to escape Wild Boar’s wrath as he’s linked to his former minion in a ruthless Dog Collar Match. Plus, Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz lock horns with Die Familie for the final spot in the upcoming Tag Team Title Triple Threat Match, Amale & Angel Hayze join forces to take on Xia Brookside & Eliza Alexander, and Kenny Williams battles Josh Morrell.

For over a year Wild Boar has stewed in his animosity for Eddie Dennis after being abruptly cast out of Symbiosis. Wild Boar has held Dennis personally responsible for all the torment he has endured since being discarded, rampaging back onto NXT UK with a post-match chair assault on T-Bone & Primate while Dennis slithered away in shock.

Wild Boar has plagued Dennis and Symbiosis over the last few weeks, battling his way through T-Bone & Primate to get his hands on Dennis, but the leader of Symbiosis has managed to slip away each time. After Dennis’ latest escape, Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala decreed he had a solution to fix the problem: a Dog Collar Match.

Another pair looking for a little payback are Amale & Angel Hayze, who will join forces to take on their recent tormentors Xia Brookside & Eliza Alexander. After agreeing to a rematch with Brookside, Amale was blindsided by a mysterious attacker in the audience, later revealed to be Alexander.

Together, Brookside & Alexander looked to batter their way through the competition, starting with Hayze. But after a pair of victories over the rising Superstar, Brookside & Alexander tried to continue their punishment until “The French Hope” slid in for the rescue.

There will be no escape for Eddie Dennis as he’s chained to Wild Boar in Dog Collar Match

Also, following Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter’s victory this past week, Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz will go head-to-head with Die Familie, with the winners earning the final spot in the upcoming NXT UK Tag Team Title Triple Threat Match.

Finally, a manic Kenny Williams has been on his toes for the last few weeks trying to figure out who was the mysterious figure that cost him his match against Sam Gradwell. The spooked Superstar will attempt to focus on the challenge ahead of him as he squares off against Josh Morrell.

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