Ilja Dragonuv and Meiko Satamura put their titles on the line on NXT UK

Ilja Dragonuv and Meiko Satamura put their titles on the line on NXT UK

It’s a monumental edition of NXT UK as two major titles are up for grabs with Meiko Satamura defending her NXT UK Women’s Championship against Xia Brookside and Ilja Dragunov locking horns with Rampage Brown for the NXT UK Championship.

All respect has been thrown out the window as Brown looks to steamroll through Dragonuv to take claim of the NXT UK Championship. Brown no doubt still remembers that it was The Czar who pinned him in a decisive Triple Threat Match this past June that ultimately led to Dragonuv unseating the dominant WALTER for the title.

Dragonuv has been riding high after a successful first title defense against A-Kid, but Brown was quick to make his intentions clear with a thunderous clothesline to the champion to set up what is sure to be a hard-hitting showdown.

In another massive showdown, Brookside gets her match with The Final Boss after storming into Sid Scala’s office to demand an opportunity against Satomura, which Scala begrudgingly made official.

Brookside has brought a whole new attitude to NXT UK in the past few weeks, but she will need more than her big ego and the threat of her daddy to challenge the NXT UK Women's Champion. Satomura has had a formidable reign since overthrowing "The Forever Champion" Kay Lee Ray, defeating the likes of Amale, Stevie Turner and Jinny.

Plus, Saxon Huxley looks to squash Kenny Williams for his actions after The Scum of the Earth slipped through Huxley’s grasp with some less than honorable tactics.

Don’t miss an amazing episode of NXT UK, streaming Thursday at 3 ET/8 GMT on Peacock in the United States and on WWE Network everywhere else!

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