Ilja Dragunov and Jordan Devlin set to sign contract for their NXT UK Title rematch


On another can’t-miss edition of NXT UK, heated rivals Ilja Dragunov and Jordan Devlin sign the contract for their NXT UK Title rematch, Angel Hayze squares off with Xia Brookside, Mark Andrew teams up with Wild Boar to fight back against Symbiosis in a tag team showdown, and NXT 2.0 Superstar Von Wagner takes a trip across the pond for a one-on-one fight with Saxon Huxley.

Dragunov and Devlin nearly tore themselves and the NXT UK Arena apart the last time they squared off in a thrilling Empty Arena Match for the NXT UK Title. The Irish Ace has not taken his loss well, stewing in his anger towards Dragunov for months before stepping to the UK Champion backstage, stating Dragunov would be no match for him in a straight one-on-one fight.

Before the two fiery adversaries headline the 200th episode of NXT UK, Dragunov and Devlin will meet inside the ring to sign on the dotted line for their rematch. Can the two combustible elements keep their composure and get the contract signed or will fireworks erupt?

Plus, since making his return to NXT UK, Wild Boar has only had one mission: get his hands on Eddie Dennis. After weeks of pursuit, Wild Boar received help in his hunt for Dennis when Mark Andrews slid in to save his friend as the leader of Symbiosis tried to chain up and break Wild Boar.

With Andrews by his side, can Wild Boar charge his way through Primate & T-Bone to finally get his hands on his longtime tormentor?

Also, Xia Brookside looks to follow in Eliza Alexander’s footsteps and batter Angel Hayze when the two go toe-to-toe.

Ilja Dragunov and Jordan Devlin set to sign contract for their NXT UK Title rematch

Finally, Von Wagner is one of a handful of NXT 2.0 Superstars to make a trip over to London in search of competition. After breaking up Saxon Huxley’s autograph session, the two behemoths will square off inside the ring as Wagner looks to plant his flag on NXT UK.

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