Gradwell and Seven to trade haymakers on NXT UK


A can’t-miss edition of NXT UK will see Sam Gradwell and Trent Seven pulverizing one another, Emilia McKenzie seeking a big win against Nina Samuels, and much more.

When Gradwell claims he’s disgusted with your actions, you know you’ve carried out some fairly heinous atrocities.

Known for being one of the most outspoken Superstars in WWE, The Thunderstorm informed Trent Seven that he’s ready for a fight after The Don savagely assaulted Trent Seven and ended Moustache Mountain several weeks ago.

And after recently defeating Kenny Williams in a vicious Back Alley Brawl, Gradwell intends on dishing out similar punishment to Seven, who has assaulted a fan, mocked the NXT UK Universe and defeated Tate Mayfairs since ending his partnership with Bate.

McKenzie has recently been on the receiving end of some tough love from her mentor and NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura, who has plainly told her pupil that she expects more from her.

And even though McKenzie seemed to be in control during her last bout against Fallon Henley, a critical late-match mistake resulted in Henley claiming a rollup win.

Perhaps feeling the desperation to earn a win and get back in The Final Boss’ good graces, McKenzie will be in for another battle when she opposes Samuels, who is taking at least a small break from “The Nina Samuels Show” and hopes to end her recent cold streak.

Finally, after defeating Primate, Morrell will look for his second straight upset win when he slugs it out with Dave Mastiff, and Fallon Henley will attempt to improve to 2-0 on NXT UK in a clash with the mysterious Isla Dawn.


Don’t miss a captivating episode of NXT UK, streaming at 3 ET/8 BST on Peacock in the United States and on WWE Network everywhere else!

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