Fabian Aichner def. Mark Andrews

Fabian Aichner vs. Mark Andrews: NXT UK, Dec. 5, 2018

NXT's Fabian Aichner shows that he will do anything to win in an inter-promotional showdown against the explosive Mark Andrews.

Although NXT’s Fabian Aichner began his NXT UK debut against Mark Andrews with a good sportsman handshake, their match ended as anything but a gesture of good will.

Early on, Aichner put the brakes on Andrews’ quick athletic offense with an excruciating backbreaker that sent the message that he wasn’t messing around.

Andrews gave as good as he received, including an earth-shattering hurricanrana for the near fall. But, Aichner’s devastating aggression was clear with maneuvers that included swinging the smaller Andrews backwards onto his neck and back with incredible force. Even Andrews’ Stun Dog Millionaire couldn’t put Aichner away. And when the high-flyer leaped off the turnbuckle at his opponent, Aichner managed to catch him in mid-air and leveled him with a brainbuster.  

Andrews did avoid Aichner’s springboard moonsault in order to hit a DDT with attitude. Nevertheless, Aichner avoided his Shooting Star Press and escaped through the ropes.

Once outside the ring, the ruthless competitor showed his willingness to do anything to win when he unceremoniously hurled Andrews into the ring steps and delivered a vicious follow-up knee into the unforgiving steel. Although Andrews managed to beat the 10-count back into the ring, the damage had clearly been done and, with the help of a spinning powerbomb, Aichner picked up the huge pin fall.  

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