Io Shirai def. Mercedes Martinez and Toni Storm to retain the NXT Women’s Championship

Io Shirai def. Mercedes Martinez and Toni Storm to retain the NXT Women’s Championship

After facing down perhaps her most daunting challenge yet, Io Shirai still stands alone atop the mountain in the NXT Women’s division. The Genius of the Sky overcame Mercedes Martinez and Toni Storm in an exhilarating Triple threat Match at NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day.

But Shirai was on the defensive from the get-go, as Martinez bludgeoned her during the ring announcement, leaving Martinez to square off with Storm until the champion burst back in with a meteora.

Again, Martinez got the better of Shirai, who crashed and burned on a moonsault attempt to the outside before Martinez dumped her over the barricade.  

The frenetic pace didn’t slow from there as action spilled back in — and again out — of the ring. Shirai hit a 619 and springboard missile dropkick on Martinez to finally slow her down.

Io Shirai double stomps Mercedes Martinez in brutal fashion: NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day (WWE Network Exclusive)

The NXT Women’s Champion looks to rise above Toni Storm and Mercedes Martinez in a Triple Threat Match. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Storm took control, dropping Martinez on the unforgiving outside safety mats, though the announce table collapsed before she could put Martinez through it. Martinez took advantage, spiking her with a DDT.

Meanwhile, Shirai scaled the ringside scaffolding and took out both competitors, but again, it wouldn’t slow Martinez for long, as she threw Shrai into the steps.  

Storm was on the verge of victory when the brawl returned to the ring, getting a near-fall after delivering Storm Zero to Martinez. Taking an even bigger risk, Storm connected with a brutal top-rope headbutt.

However, Shirai came out of nowhere to hit a moonsault on both women to not only break up Storm’s ensuing cover, but also allowed her to get the three-count on Martinez. And just like that, The Genius of the Sky had overcome the odds once again.

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