NXT Level Up results: May 6, 2022

Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley vs. Sarray & Erica Yan via submission

After their less-than-ideal run in the 2022 Women’s Dusty Classic, Ivy Nile joins forces once again with Tatum Paxley as the duo look to pull off a victory against the new pairing of Sarray & Erica Yan. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

After a shaky outing in the 2022 Women’s Dusty Classic, Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley appeared to be back on the same page against Sarray & Erica Yan. Paxley looked to impress both Nile, and her Diamond Mine partner Roderick Strong at ringside, in the opening minutes but ran right into a dropkick from Sarray before trading pin attempts with Yan.

Nile reluctantly tagged in to help her partner, clubbing Sarray with hard rights after eating a suplex from The Warrior of the Sun. A couple of swift shots from Sarray only appeared to fire up “The Pitbull” as she dropped Sarray with a pair of snap suplexes before tagging Paxley back in to showcase her power by hoisting The Warrior of the Sun onto her shoulders and squatting her once before slamming her down onto the mat and landing a standing moonsault for a near fall.

Sarray escaped to tag in an energized Yan who went right after Paxley with back-to-back atomic drops, but the newcomer missed a quick tag in by Nile who came in to deliver a devastating enzuigiri before locking in her modified dragon sleeper to earn the submission victory.

Sloane Jacobs def. Thea Hail

Sloane Jacobs vs. Thea Hail: NXT Level Up, May 6, 2022

Sloane Jacobs and Thea Hail search for their first wins in NXT as the two rising Superstars go toe-to-toe. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Looking to build momentum before heading into the 2022 Women’s Breakout Tournament, Sloane Jacobs locked up with fellow newcomer Thea Hail as the two rising Superstars vied for their first win in NXT.

Hail looked to intimidate Jacobs early with a powerful yell and a dropkick for a near fall, but Jacobs was unphased, stomping Hail in the corner before delivering a powerslam and a massive boot for a two-count. Jacobs continued to apply pressure with a submission attempt, pummeling Hail with a series of elbows, until Hail was able to escape and plant Jacobs with a neckbreaker before promptly tossing her face first into a turnbuckle.

As Hail looked to roll, Jacobs caught her attempted knee strike and slung her up onto her shoulders for a unique facebuster and the pinfall.

Channing Lorenzo & Troy Donovan def. Dante Chen & Javier Bernal

Dante Chen & Javier Bernal vs. Channing Lorenzo & Troy Donovan: NXT Level Up, May 6, 2022

Tony D’Angelo’s top enforcers Channing Lorenzo & Troy Donovan look to protect their boss’ turf as they square off against Dante Chen & Javier Bernal. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

With Tony D’Angelo watching on from the commentary table, Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo & Troy “Two Dimes” Donovan prepared to enforce “The Don of NXT’s” will on Dante Chen & Javier Bernal.

The two enforcers struggled early against Bernal & Chen as The Singaporean Superstar sent Donovan flying with a pinpoint dropkick followed up by a clothesline from Bernal. After weathering the storm, “Two Dimes” was finally able to tag in his partner who stunned Bernal with a suplex before slamming him face first into a pair of knees from Donovan.

D’Angelo’s right-hand men continued to work over Bernal until the up-and-comer exploded out of the corner with a clothesline that flipped Donovan end over end and delivered an enzuigiri to Lorenzo to slip free and tag in Chen. An incensed Chen cleared house before dropping Lorenzo with a big boot for a near fall. As Chen went for a powerbomb attempt, Lorenzo battled his way out with a flurry of elbows to the head, tagging in Donovan who raced in to deliver a big boot of his own to an unaware Chen.

Donovan pulled Chen up to his knees as he and Lorenzo catapulted themselves off the ropes to sandwich Chen’s head between two huge kicks and secure a pinfall victory before celebrating in the ring with D’Angelo.

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