NXT Level Up results: March 3, 2023

Level Up

Lyra Valkyria def. Tatum Paxley

Fired up from the moment she stepped through the curtain, Lyra Valkyria threw caution to the wind in her clash with Tatum Paxley, demonstrating exactly why she has yet to taste defeat since debuting on NXT Level Up.

The no-nonsense Paxley, who seems to have finally been accepted as a member of Diamond Mine, relied on her striking ability and nearly scored the win when she connected with an innovative suplex for a long two-count.

However, the resilient Valkyria landed a picture-perfect northern lights suplex and earned the three-count by clocking Paxley with a nasty spinning heel kick.

Dante Chen def. Luca Crusifino

Luca Crusifino didn’t exactly stick his toe in the water in his WWE debut, instead going toe-to-toe with Dante Chen, one of the most proven Superstars on NXT Level Up.

Crusifino, who says he wins by any means necessary on the ballfield or in the courtroom and took time to hand out his business card on his way to the ring, perhaps surprised WWE Universe when he controlled the early goings by showing some technical prowess and landing a neckbreaker for a two-count.

With chants of “Dante” bellowing through the NXT Arena, Chen tattooed his foe with a pump kick to the jaw and landed a nasty strike to claim the victory.

Eddy Thorpe def. Oro Mensah

For anyone who believed that Eddy Thorpe’s victory over Dante Chen in his debut match was a fluke, they might need to reconsider after he improved to 2-0 by knocking off Oro Mensah.

Showing an impressive blend of speed and toughness, Thorpe blistered Mensah with a series of strikes and a wicked spinning neckbreaker in the early goings.

Mensah turned the tables with several kicks and some trash talk and almost picked up the victory when he went airborne with a springboard boot to the jaw, but Thorpe lifted his knees to block Mensah’s second-rope moonsault and landed the decisive Impaler DDT.

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