NXT Level Up results: Feb. 3, 2023

Level Up

Sol Ruca def. Lash Legend

Greeted by booming chants of “Let’s go Sol” and having caught fire with wins against Alba Fyre, Dani Palmer and Valentina Feroz, Sol Ruca got off to a fast start against the outspoken Lash Legend by ignoring her trash talk and landing the first big blow with a twisting crossbody from the middle rope.

Legend fired back by booting Ruca out of the air and all the way to the ringside floor before flinging her face-first into the ring post.

Ruca got back on track with an electric chair and captured yet another victory by using her devastating Soul Snatcher, a second-rope backflip cutter that has taken WWE by storm and kept Legend down for three.

Javier Bernal def. Oba Femi

Even though he didn’t exactly follow the rules to a tee, Javier Bernal perhaps lent some credibility to his self-professed nickname of “Big Body Javy” during his bout against Oba Femi.

Seeking his first win, the gargantuan Femi initially overpowered Bernal, hoisting him overhead, effortlessly bench-pressing him and letting him drop to the canvas.

A desperate Bernal found himself in a similar situation late in the bout, but he raked Femi’s eyes and rolled him up with a fistful of trunks to steal the win.

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen def. Xyon Quinn & Bronco Nima

Those anticipating haymakers, trash talk and ring-rattling power moves in NXT Level Up’s main event weren’t disappointed, as Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, Xyon Quinn and Bronco Nima captivated the NXT Arena in a donnybrook of a tag team match.

Teaming together in a traditional tag bout for the first time, Quinn and Nima made timely tags and used several tandem moves to pulverize Jensen in the early goings.

When Jensen finally tagged Briggs, however, the towering Superstar hit the ring like a ball of fire, blistering each of his opponents with right hands and leveling Nima with a sidewalk slam and a standing splash. Moments later, Jensen tagged back in and held Quinn in place so that Briggs could clobber him with a decisive big boot to the chin.

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