NXT Level Up results: Feb. 24, 2023

Level Up

Axiom def. Kale Dixon

Having already burst onto the WWE scene while competing on NXT 2.0 and NXT Level Up and notching several impressive victories, Axiom brought the WWE Universe to a fever pitch while displaying incredible athleticism early and often against Kale Dixon.

Dixon, an arrogant newcomer, attempted to keep his highflying foe grounded with some early mat-grappling and drew some boos from the NXT Arena when he quickly moved out of the way at ringside and prevented Axiom from attempting one of his aerial assaults.

Dixon momentarily got the edge with a standing suplex, but Axiom fired back with a nasty kick to the chest. Moments later, Axiom struck with the decisive Golden Ratio, a ferocious superkick to the chin.

Sol Ruca def. Lola Vice

Thanks to a recent winning streak and one of the most unique finishing moves anyone will ever see, Sol Ruca is gaining popularity with the WWE Universe and taking NXT 2.0 and NXT Level Up by storm.

She was in for a fight, however, against Lola Vice, who boasts an MMA background and staggered Ruca by sending her face-first into the canvas and blistering her with several vicious strikes.

After listening to some smack talk from Vice, Ruca dodged her hard-charging opponent and went airborne for the gravity-defying Soul Snatcher to earn the three-count.

Damon Kemp & Tavion Heights def. Myles Borne & Tank Ledger

NXT Level Up’s main event was as unpredictable as any in recent memory, as it featured a pair of tag teams that were each joining forces for the first time.

Myles Borne and Tank Ledger nearly scored the win when Ledger tagged into the match and went into “Tank Mode,” but Damon Kemp broke up a pinfall attempt after Ledger landed a standing splash on Tavion Heights.

Moments later, with Borne and Heights fighting at ringside, Kemp landed a clothesline and innovative neckbreaker on Ledger for the win.

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