NXT Level Up results: April 12, 2024

Level Up

Tavion Heights def. Uriah Connors

After enduring a trying losing streak, former Olympian Tavion Heights has caught fire in recent weeks and seems to be gaining confidence with every match.

Seeking his third consecutive win on NXT Level Up, Heights was opposed by Uriah Connors, a rookie who resorted to desperate measures, yanking his opponent’s hair and slinging him through the ropes to the ringside floor.

Heights got back in the fight by dropping Connors with an electric chair and an overhead toss before landing a decisive belly-to-belly suplex.

Blair Davenport & Stevie Turner def. Carlee Bright & Kendal Grey

Two of the most ruthless and self-centered competitors in NXT, Blair Davenport and Stevie Turner somewhat surprisingly thrived as a duo in their clash with Carlee Bright and Kendal Grey.

Bright and Grey landed the first big blow when Grey climbed Bright’s shoulders and hit a splash on Turner, but Davenport interrupted the count. Moments later, Davenport leapt from the top rope and drove both feet into Grey’s midsection.

After receiving a much-needed tag, Bright hit the ring like she was fired out of a cannon, but Davenport turned the tables when she lifted her knees during Bright’s standing moonsault attempt and landed a Falcon’s Arrow to seal the win.

Eddy Thorpe def. Dion Lennox

In a critical matchup, Eddy Thorpe sought to reestablish himself by moving to 2-0 since returning from injury, while Dion Lennox looked for the biggest victory of his young career.

Lennox, who sported a pair of glasses on his way to the ring to represent a time in his life when he was mocked, went toe-to-toe with his more established opponent and staggered Thrope with a wicked clothesline and several knees to the midsection.

Thorpe, however, channeled the spirit of the wolf by landing a nasty right hand and spiking his opponent with the Impaler for the three-count. Lennox initially shoved Thorpe when the victor attempted to help him back to his feet, though after reconsidering, he accepted Thorpe’s handshake as Level Up concluded.

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