Stone Cold at Staples Center

Stone Cold at Staples Center

Former WWE Superstar and soon-to-be WWE Films movie star Stone Cold Steve Austin was at the Staples Center visiting with friends before the No Way Out pay-per-view. Austin, now a Venice, Calif. resident, is busy these days promoting his upcoming film, The Condemned. (Watch the trailer.)

"I'm here to watch the pay-per-view and do some interviews and behind the scenes features for The Condemned," said Austin. "But I would have come out anyway to see everyone and say ‘hi.'"

While Austin has been in movies before, The Condemned was the first time he played the lead. In the film he plays Jack Conrad, an American prisoner in El Salvador and later purchased by a TV producer. He and nine other death row inmates must battle each other to the death on a remote island with the sole survivor winning their freedom.

"I would be classified as the lead in this movie, but there are other people carrying some of the weight," confessed Stone Cold. "I don't think the whole movie rested completely on my shoulders, so it wasn't too much of a burden or strain. It's a perfect fit for me. It's an action/adventure movie with a great story."

The Condemned will be in theaters April 27. Check back to later this week for an in-depth interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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