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No Way Out : Full Details

No Way Out 2007

WWE Champion John Cena & HBK def. World Heavyweight Champion Batista & Undertaker

At No Way Out, Undertaker learned that the age-old saying still rings true: payback is a b*tch. The Animal dished out a cold serving of revenge to the Deadman, demolishing him with a vicious spinebuster and leaving him for dead (pardon the pun) as Team Raw capitalized and took home the victory.
No Way Out 2007

London & Kendrick won WWE Tag Team Championship Ladder Match

Paul London & Brian Kendrick were able to finally defeat Deuce & Domino, ending a string of frustrating losses against the men from the Other Side of the Tracks for the WWE Tag Team Championship at No Way Out. After losing in non-title action two weeks in a row on SmackDown, and in singles competition this past week (Deuce defeated Kendrick
No Way Out 2007
In the first-ever Diva Talent Invitational, The Sexiest Women on Television were supposed to display their hidden talents for WWE fans. After ECW's Extreme Exposé strutted their stuff at Staples Center, SmackDown's Jillian made her way to the ring.
No Way Out 2007
The mind games between Kane and King Booker came to a royal halt at No Way Out as the Big Red Monster chokeslammed his majesty into the deepest, darkest depths of hell.
No Way Out 2007

Chavo Guerrero wins Cruiserweight Open (new champion)

Just when it looked as if everyone's favorite redneck, Jimmy Wang Yang had finally struck gold at No Way Out, surprise entrant Chavo Guerrero RSVP'd late to the Cruiserweight Open and snared the title.
No Way Out 2007

Finlay & Little Bastard def. Boogeyman & Little Boogeyman

In a Mixed Tag Team contest SmackDown announcer JBL could only describe as a crazy horror movie—"and not a very good one"—Irish eyes were smiling on Finlay & Little Bastard in Los Angeles' sold-out Staples Center Sunday night. More important, the Fighting Irishmen's victory over Boogeyman & Little Boogeyman at No Way Out was certainly
No Way Out 2007

Mr. Kennedy def. ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley (DQ)

Bobby Lashley showed his extreme side at No Way Out. After being taken to the limits by Mr. Kennedy in his ECW World Title defense, Lashley gave Kennedy a taste of his own medicine. The hard-hitting Extremist battered the cocky loudmouth repeatedly with a steel chair, prompting the referee to call for the disqualification.
Tonight, the latest chapter in the rivalry between two of the greatest teams in WWE ended without MNM completing its mission. The Hardys reigned supreme after Mercury tapped out to United States Champion Chris Benoit in a six-man tag team match at No Way Out.