Tatanka on WWE Instant Access

Immediately after his win as the mystery partner of Matt Hardy at No Way Out, Tatanka sat down with WWE.com. Here is what he had to say:

WWE.com: How does it feel to be back ... and pick up this huge pay-per-view win?

Tatanka: Well, to be back in the greatest battlefield in all of sports-entertainment is a great honor. Being Native American, we take a lot of pride in the things that we do. So, I'm honored to be at No Way Out and to be back in WWE.

WWE.com: What is it like to team with Matt Hardy?

Tatanka: Matt Hardy is a great, established Superstar here in WWE, so it's an honor to have a partner watching your back of the caliber of Matt Hardy.

WWE.com: Are you excited to be a member of the SmackDown roster?

Tatanka: Definitely, without a shadow of a doubt. The way I look at it, to be a part of SmackDown again is tremendous. Of course, in terms of the goals for me, I represent a whole nation of people, and I represent all Americans, and my goal is no different than before: When I hit the battlefield here in WWE, I plan on being on the warpath and taking down all opponents to make my people very, very proud. And believe me, Tatanka does have his eyes set on gold this time around.

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