Main Event

JBL vs. Big Show in a Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship

For 9 months, JBL used every trick in the book to escape his matches with the WWE Championship still around his waist. After defeating Big Show & Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble, it seemed that JBL would finally meet his doom at No Way Out, when he faced Big Show in a Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match.

Throughout the match, both men used the cage to their advantage, using at as a weapon at every possible opportunity. At one point when JBL was in trouble, Orlando Jordan and The Basham Brothers came out to try to help their fellow Cabinet member. While they were ejected from ringside by General Manager Theodore Long, Jordan left behind a pair of bolt cutters that JBL used to his advantage.

After kicking out of a Big Show Chokeslam, JBL climbed the cage and used the bolt cutters to cut off the barbed wire in an attempt to escape. Instead, Big Show met up there, and delivered a Chokeslam that sent JBL crashing through the mat. With his challenger seemingly incapacitated, Big Show headed for the door, kicking at it until he finally ripped the padlock off the door. As Big Show stepped out of the cage thinking he was victorious, JBL was announced as the winner and still champion. As a confused Big Show wondered what happened, it was explained that just before Big Show stepped out of the cage, JBL crawled through the wreckage of the broken ring and rolled to the floor, beating his challenger by a split second. Because of this heads up maneuver, the champion won the match to retain the gold.

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