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Triple H vs. Cactus Jack - Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship

Familiar foes from the 1998 No Way Out main event, Triple H and Mick Foley met two years later in a main event with extreme circumstances. At the Royal Rumble the month before, Triple H defeated Cactus Jack in a wild Street Fight to retain the WWE Championship. However, Cactus wanted just one more shot at the gold. Triple H agreed, even going so far as to offer Cactus his choice of any type of match…as long as he agreed to put his career on the line against the gold. Cactus agreed, and told Triple H that they would meet inside Hell in a Cell.

Once inside, the match became even more of a wild brawl than the Royal Rumble Match was. Both combatants used the Cell liberally, busting each other open and using any weapons they could fund to brutalize each other. The fight ended up on top of the Cell, where, much like he did against Undertaker in 1998, Cactus found himself hurtling off the cage to the floor, with the Spanish announcers' table there to break the fall.

Cactus would not stay down, however, and found his trusty 2x4 covered in barbed wire. After lighting it on fire and using it on the champion, Triple H reversed out of a piledriver attempt. As Jack landed, the Cell roof gave way, sending him crashing to the ring mat below, which also collapsed. Jack tried to get to his feet as Triple H returned to the inside of the Cell, but a quick Pedigree put Jack out for good, giving Triple H the win. As a result, Mick Foley was forced to retire from WWE competition.

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