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October 17, 1999 at Gund Arena in Cleveland, OH

The Godfather def. Mideon

Women's Championship
Fabulous Moolah def. Ivory to win the championship

Crash & Hardcore Holly def. The New Age Outlaws by DQ

The Hardy Boyz def. Christian & Edge in a Ladder Match (Deciding Match of the Terri Invitational Tournament)

The Rock def. British Bulldog

Intercontinental Championship
Chyna def. Jeff Jarrett to win the championship

Val Venis def. Mankind

X-Pac def. Faarooq, Kane and Bradshaw in a Four Corners Match

WWE Championship
Triple H def. Stone Cold Steve Austin to retain

October 20, 2000 at Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY

The Dudleys def. Too Cool, Lo-Down, Raven & Tazz and The Goodfather & Bull Buchanan in a Tag Team Tables Invitational

Chris Jericho def. X-Pac in a Steel Cage Match

Val Venis & Steven Richards def. Chyna & Billy Gunn

Steve Austin vs. Rikishi in a No Holds Barred Match (No Contest)

European Championship
William Regal def. Mideon to retain

World Tag Team Championship
Edge & Christian def. The Hardy Boyz to win the championship

Triple H def. Chris Benoit

WWE Championship
Kurt Angle def. The Rock to win the championship

October 21, 2001 at Savvis Center in St. Louis, MO

WCW Tag Team Championship
The Hardy Boyz def. The Hurricane & Lance Storm to win the championship

Test def. Kane

Torrie Wilson def. Stacy Keibler in a Lingerie Match

Intercontinental Championship
Edge def. Christian in a Ladder Match to win the championship

World Tag Team Championship
The Dudley Boyz def. Big Show & Tajiri to retain

Undertaker def. Booker T

WCW Championship
Chris Jericho def. The Rock to win the championship

WWE Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam in a Triple Threat Match to retain

October 20, 2002 at Alltel Arena in Little Rock, AK

World Tag Team Championship
Christian & Chris Jericho def. Booker T & Goldust to retain

Torrie Wilson def. Dawn Marie

Rob Van Dam def. Ric Flair

Cruiserweight Championship
Jamie Noble def. Tajiri to retain

Championship Unification Match
World Heavyweight Champion Triple H def. Intercontinental Champion Kane to unify the championships

WWE Tag Team Championship
Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit def. Edge & Rey Mysterio in a tournament final to become the first WWE Tag Team Champions

Women’s Championship
Trish Stratus def. Victoria to retain

WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar def. Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell Match to retain

October 19, 2003 at First Mariner Arena in Baltimore, MD

Cruiserweight Championship
Tajiri def. Rey Mysterio to win the championship

Chris Benoit def. A-Train

Zach Gowan def. Matt Hardy

The Basham Brothers def. APA

Mr. McMahon def. Stephanie McMahon in an I Quit Match

Kurt Angle def. John Cena

United States Championship
Big Show def. Eddie Guerrero to win the championship

WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar def. Undertaker in a Biker Chain Match to retain

October 3, 2004 at Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, NJ

Eddie Guerrero def. Luther Reigns

Cruiserweight Championship
Spike Dudley def. Nunzio to retain

Billy Kidman def. Paul London

WWE Tag Team Championship
Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki def. Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio to retain

Big Show def. Kurt Angle

United States Championship
John Cena def. Booker T in Match No. 5 of a Best-of-Five Series to win the championship

Rico, Charlie Haas & Miss Jackie def. The Dudleys & Dawn Marie

WWE Championship
JBL def. Undertaker in a Last Ride Match to retain

October 9, 2005 at The Toyota Center in Houston, TX

L.O.D. & Christy Hemme def. MNM

Bobby Lashley def. Simon Dean

United States Championship
Chris Benoit def. Booker T, Christian and Orlando Jordan in a Fatal Four Way Match to retain

Ken Kennedy def. Hardcore Holly

JBL def. Rey Mysterio

Cowboy Bob & Randy Orton def. Undertaker in a Handicap Casket Match

Cruiserweight Championship
Juventud def. Nunzio to win the championship

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista def. Eddie Guerrero to retain

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