Droz's picks for No Mercy

Droz's picks for No Mercy

Well folks, summer is gone. The market sucks, but the one good thing we have to look forward to is that No Mercy is upon us. Things have been heating up, and this PPV couldn't come soon enough for many of the participants who are looking to inflict major damage on their opponents for that win. Lets get right down to it. Here we go!

World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match

The history between HBK and Jericho has been heating up over the last few months and I'm not sure if it will ever be settled. Jericho has tried to put HBK out for good and that hasn't worked. With this Ladder Match, it gives Jericho the perfect opportunity to finish the job. And although I don't see him putting HBK out for good, he will beat this former champion.

WWE Champion Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy

I love the stylistic differences In this match. Triple H with his power game and Hardy with his high-flying acrobatics will be a setting for the perfect match for the fans. This match will have a little bit of everything, big moves, crazy aerial assaults and other things have yet to be soon. I would love to see Jeff Hardy as champion, but I don't think Triple H's time is up quite yet. He's going to catch the youngster and finish him with a 1-2-3, but not before he's pushed to his limits.

ECW Champion Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry

I'm sure the World's Strongest Champ or ex-champ is itching to get that gold back. And with a little help from his mentor Tony Atlas, that could just be a possibility. Matt has really impressed me with his run as ECW champion. Although this is s HUGE task at hand, he has everything needed to keep that gold and remain ECW Champion.

Batista vs. JBL

SLOBBERKNOCKER!!! Sorry J.R., had to steal that from you. But that sums this match up. These two guys are going to batter and bruise each other until they can hardly stand. Both men are dying to be the No. 1 contender for the world title and although Bradshaw is as tough as they come, when it comes down to it, Batista is going to leave with his hand raised and become the No. 1 contender.

Big Show vs. Undertaker

Most people would think that this match was going to be slow-paced because of the size of these two Superstars. But I'm expecting to see these two moving and grooving like they were 30 years old again. With that much size, I don't expect a long match, but 'Taker and Show are going to give the fans everything they want and more. I'd really love to pick 'Taker, but I think Show will be just too much for him in the end.

Women's Championship Match

Well I'd have to say its hard to pick against The Glamazon, especially when shes faced up against Candice Michelle ( don't get mad, Go Daddy!) I think The Glamazon will finish this in short order even tough I think Candice will have a trick or two up her sleeve.

Rey Mysterio vs Kane

This is David vs. Goliath to ninth degree. Kane is an agile big man and Rey is just a great all-around wrestler who I've stated time and time again is my favorite wrestler. Although Rey is seriously outsized, he has shown us time and time again that big or small, he can bang with the best of them all the while amazing the fans. I was leaning toward Kane in this match up, but with Rey's mask on the line that little extra incentive is going to add to his fire and help him pull out the big win.

I hope everyone out there enjoyed their summer. I know that it went by very quickly and I didn't get in as much fishing in as I would have liked. Speaking of fishing, my youngest nephew caught a 3.8 pound catfish the other day to take the lead in the youth division for our area fishing contest. I'm sure it would have been tasty, but he let it go which I was happy about. 'm hoping to get one or two more trips out on the dock before it gets too cold at night. Oh yea on another note, make sure to get out there and register to vote and get those ballots when the time comes. Oh yeah, I have to give a shoutout to my great friend Abbey and all her crazy pets. If you could please keep all our troops and their families in your thoughts and prayers as well as all those that have suffered from the hurricanes -I'm sure these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again and enjoy No Mercy.

Until next time...PEACE

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