Bar Randy Orton from No Mercy

Bar Randy Orton from No Mercy

Thanks to Randy Orton, John Cena is no longer The Champ, and history is guaranteed to be made in a WWE Championship Match for the vacant title at No Mercy this Sunday. But let's not reward Orton -- the Legend Killer shouldn't be allowed to be part of history.

For too long, WWE officials have rewarded Superstars for bad behavior. Orton has already gotten at least one WWE Championship opportunity for his despicable actions. That's how he received his title match last month at Unforgiven against Cena. He failed to beat Cena at SummerSlam, so he attacked his father the next night. What do WWE officials do? Nothing. Nada. Zip. No fines, no suspensions, just another opportunity for Orton against an enraged Champ.

Now, the Legend Killer has taken out Cena, ruining their Last Man Standing Match that was scheduled for No Mercy. Cena now joins Shawn Michaels, Dusty Rhodes and countless others who fallen to Orton's sadistic tendencies. The third-generation Superstar has made a career, especially in the last year, of decimating legends and depriving our fans of their favorites. Anywhere else, Orton would be suspended indefinitely, fined heavily or fired outright.

Enough is enough. Stop rewarding Randy. It's time to finally send a message to him and any other Superstar who thinks they can maim their way to the WWE Championship. Bar him from the Allstate Arena in Chicago. Get a court order; hire extra security for Mr. McMahon or Raw GM William Regal. Do whatever you have to do. Just don't allow Orton to participate in the WWE Championship Match at No Mercy. It would be like allowing a presidential candidate to continue to run for the Oval Office if he took out a key rival.

Perhaps most tragic about all this -- besides the fact that Cena has been sidelined in the prime of his career -- is that Orton doesn't need to be a Legend Killer to win the WWE Championship. As a third-generation Superstar, he was born to be a champion and is one of the most talented men in all of WWE. He didn't become the youngest World Champion in WWE history by ending careers.

But Orton has become lazy and content with sadistic shortcuts in recent years. WWE officials need to wake up and teach him a lesson. They need to stop setting bad precedents and make an example out of the Legend Killer. That way, when history is made at No Mercy this Sunday, we won't be left with such a bad taste in our mouths.

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