Main Event

Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker in a Biker Chain Match for the WWE Championship

Mr. McMahon was grooming rising star Brock Lesnar to be the new face of the company. With his mentor's help, Lesnar did anything it took to become and remain WWE Champion, including cheating. But WWE's conscience, Undertaker, looked to put an end to Lesnar's evil ways at No Mercy 2003 in a Biker Chain Match.

The Superstars' power was equally matched, but Lesnar's speed advantage helped him to take an early advantage. After enduring a steady stream of blows, Undertaker's experience helped him to fight back and actually make the first attempt at the chain on top of the tall pole. As he went for the weapon, the lights mysteriously went out, distracting him long enough for Lesnar to make it to his feet again. While no one can prove it was Mr. McMahon controlling the lights, it was speculated that it was just another attempt by The Chairman to make sure his protégé stayed on top.

Lesnar tried to capitalize on the opportunity, but Undertaker took control and gave his young opponent a tombstone on the steel steps. Undertaker then went for his second attempt at the pole but Lesnar grabbed the Deadman and in an act of desperation, hit him with a low blow.

Lesnar attempted his first try up the pole, but Undertaker hoisted him on his shoulders and it looked like Lesnar was going to receive a Last Ride. The Champ was able to get out of it and the Superstars exchanged blows and moves until finally Lesnar gave Undertaker an F5.

Lesnar climbed the pole for second time, but Undertaker caught him and gave him a vicious chokeslam from the top rope. With Lesnar laying motionless in the middle of the ring, it looked like Undertaker would finally reach the top of the pole, but just then, all three members of the FBI ran out and teamed up on him.

They were no match for him as Undertaker went on a tear, taking out all three members of FBI and giving Lesnar a Last Ride. He then climbed the pole and successfully grabbed the chain. The rabid No Mercy crowd exploded with delight, but then out of nowhere, Mr. McMahon appeared and knocked Undertaker off the top rope, injuring him and causing him to drop the chain he had finally retrieved.

Lesnar grabbed the chain, wrapped it around his fist and nailed Undertaker with a devastating blow to the head. While Mr. McMahon scurried out of the arena, Lesnar pinned Undertaker in front of the stunned audience to retain his WWE Championship.

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