Bret Hart predicts upset at Night of Champions

Bret Hart predicts upset at Night of Champions

Moments after proving that his Sharpshooter is still one of the most punishing submission holds in the history of sports-entertainment on WWE Raw SuperShow, caught up with Hall of Famer, Bret “Hit Man” Hart to get his predictions for Night of Champions this Sunday.

Based on his verbal exchange with WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio in Canada’s capital (PHOTOS), it was no surprise that The Hit Man doesn’t have much respect for the WWE Title holder or much confidence in The Mexican Aristocrat holding the championship gold for much longer.

embedcolon25033712“I think Alberto Del Rio will have a short lived championship reign,” explained The Excellence of Execution. “I don’t think he’s got the right focus to be a true champion. I can’t help but put my faith in John Cena. John is a workhorse and I don’t see anybody beating him, certainly not Alberto Del Rio.”

While the former Intercontinental, United States and five-time WWE Champion may have based his prediction of the WWE Title Match partially on personal differences with the Alberto Del Rio, Hart seemed more objective when discussing the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Randy Orton and Mark Henry.

“Randy had better do his homework,” warned The Hit Man. “The size and strength of Mark Henry cannot be taken lightly. I consider Randy the premier technical Superstar of this era but he’s not only dealing with Mark Henry’s power, he’s dealing with Mark Henry’s mean streak.”

embedcolon25033248Hart concluded, “Randy can get by Mark Henry if he uses some ingenuity, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an upset and Mark Henry wins the World Heavyweight Championship.”

It would be interesting to hear what Big Show, Kane and Vladimir Kozlov think of Henry’s chances of winning the World Heavyweight Championship, but thanks to The World’s Strongest Man, none of them are available for comment.


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