Elimination Chamber history

The history of the Elimination Chamber

For the fourth time in the history of WWE, 10 tons of steel and two miles of chain will be constructed over the ring at New Year's Revolution when the WWE Championship is defended in an Elimination Chamber Match.

Elimination Chamber Rules:

Two Superstars start the match, while four others are held in chambers inside the structure. After a predetermined amount of time, one Superstar is released from his chamber and let out into the fray. This continues until all six Superstars have entered the action. A Superstar can only be eliminated when he is pinned or submits. The last man standing in this match is declared the winner.

Elimination Chamber Facts:

  • Triple H has competed in every Elimination Chamber to date.
  • Chris Jericho has competed in every Elimination Chamber to date.
  • Shawn Michaels has been involved in every Elimination Chamber to date. He competed in the first two, and officiated the last one at New Year's Revolution 2004.
  • Nobody has won more Elimination Chamber Matches than Triple H (2).
  • The World Heavyweight Championship has been on the line in every Elimination Chamber Match to date. The WWE Championship will be defended at this year's New Year's Revolution.
  • Former RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff is the mastermind behind the Elimination Chamber. According to Bischoff, the Elimination Chamber is a combination of the Royal Rumble, Survivor Series and WCW's War Games.

Past Elimination Chamber Results:

Survivor Series 2002 -- Triple H (Champion) vs. HBK vs. Kane vs. Jericho vs. RVD vs. Booker T

Superstar Entered Eliminated Eliminated by
Rob Van Dam 1 1 Booker T
Triple H 5 HBK
Chris Jericho 3 4 HBK
Booker T 4 2 Chris Jericho
Kane 5 3 Chris Jericho
HBK 6 Winner n/a


SummerSlam 2003 - Triple H (Champion) vs. HBK vs. Goldberg vs. Jericho vs. Orton vs. Kevin Nash

Superstar Entered Eliminated Eliminated by
Chris Jericho 1 4 Goldberg
HBK 3 Goldberg
Randy Orton 3 2 Goldberg
Kevin Nash 4 1 HBK
Triple H 5 Winner n/a
Goldberg 6 5 Triple H


New Year's Revolution 2005 - Triple H vs. Orton vs. Edge vs. Benoit vs. Jericho vs. Batista (watch*)

Superstar Entered Eliminated Eliminated by
Chris Benoit 1 2 Batista
Chris Jericho 3 Batista
Triple H 3 Winner n/a
Edge 4 1 Chris Jericho
Randy Orton 5 5 Triple H
Batista 6 4 Randy Orton


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