Why Daniel Bryan deserves no mercy from AJ at Money in the Bank

Why Daniel Bryan deserves no mercy from AJ at Money in the Bank

Mentally unstable. Emotionally fragile. Wildly unpredictable.

Over the last several weeks, AJ has been labeled all of these things leading up to her appearance as special guest referee at Money in the Bank when CM Punk defends the WWE Title against Daniel Bryan. On the surface, it all seems to be true, but labels can be misleading. At her core, perhaps AJ is just a woman who knew exactly what she wanted ... before she had her heart ripped out and trampled in front of millions watching on television. ( PLAYLIST: AJ' S OFF-THE-WALL ACTS)

If you look closely, maybe you can still see Daniel Bryan chortling at her in the distance.

It was back on the April 20 edition of SmackDown that Bryan shocked the WWE Universe by telling his former girlfriend, "I wish that you were never even born," as she tearfully tried to mend their fractured relationship in a face to face encounter ( WATCH). Weeks earlier on SmackDown, the former World Heavyweight Champion broke up with AJ, calling her "dead weight" as he humiliated her and blamed her for his unbelievable 18-second defeat to Sheamus at WrestleMania XXVIII ( WATCH).

As a result of the heartbreak and subsequent verbal abuse, AJ suffered an emotional breakdown after unleashing a flurry of punches on Natalya in the corner, forcing the referee to disqualify her just moments into their match on SmackDown. Watching that fit of anger, it was clear AJ wasn't in the right state of mind, but that didn't stop Bryan from persistently toying with her emotions like the strings of his own personal puppet. On the May 11 edition of SmackDown, after AJ viciously attacked her ex–best friend Kaitlyn, the submission specialist took more pleasure in the Diva's downward spiral and proclaimed, "I'm really looking forward to moving on ... that is, I'm looking forward to moving on to Kaitlyn." ( WATCH)

Why Daniel Bryan deserves no mercy from AJ at Money in the Bank
After witnessing how desperately she hoped Bryan would take her back, it's no surprise AJ still appears to have feelings for the first object of her affection. Yet, it's also apparent why she rushed into the arms of the Superstar who tried to console her when she needed it the most: WWE Champion CM Punk ( WATCH). Her decisions to shove The Straight Edge Savior through a table, and then ask for his hand in marriage one week later on Raw SuperShow, however, threw everyone for a loop ( WATCH).

Now, as AJ gets ready to officiate the Punk vs. Bryan match on Sunday, the entire WWE Universe is wondering which Superstar, if any, she'll be inclined to help with the title on the line. Seeing what we've seen from the unbalanced Diva as of late, you might as well flip a coin. But if there is vengeance in that untamed heart of hers, Bryan could be in for one heck of an uphill battle.

Maybe that's why Bryan looked like he was running to put out a fire when he interrupted AJ's proposal to Punk on Raw SuperShow with an emphatic, "No! No! No!" ( WATCH) By countering with a proposal of his own, was Bryan trying to legitimately make amends with AJ? Or was he scrambling in fear because the very woman he relentlessly hurt and berated is also the referee who potentially controls his fate?

You can't erase your past, and Bryan's is littered with transgressions against AJ. At Money in the Bank, AJ could stun us all again and show her former boyfriend mercy, but he definitely doesn't deserve it.

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