Daniel Bryan speaks to the WWE Universe at the Money in the Bank Kickoff

Daniel Bryan speaks to the WWE Universe at the Money in the Bank Kickoff

BOSTON — For the first time since The Authority stripped him of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Daniel Bryan addressed the WWE Universe in an exclusive interview with Michael Cole on the Money in the Bank Kickoff.

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After a rousing ovation of “Yeses” to welcome back the beloved WWE fan favorite, Cole asked Bryan about the neck injury that has kept him out of action since May 4 and for any updates on his much-anticipated return – as WWE fans watched around the world live on WWE Network, in addition to WWE.com, the WWE App, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Pheed.

Bryan, unfortunately, didn’t have a timeline for his return, as he still has not regained all of the strength in his arm and his doctors are considering a second surgery. Bryan did have a promise for the WWE Universe and The Authority, “I’m going to be back and I’m going to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!”

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In addition to Cole’s questions, WWE fans also tweeted their own inquiries for Bryan, using the hashtag #WWEKICKOFF. As he answered these varied WWE fan questions, Bryan revealed his picks for the biggest threats in the WWE World Heavyweight Title Ladder Match were John Cena, Randy Orton and the “incredible” Roman Reigns, and that he can’t wait to see the smug look wiped off Stephanie McMahon’s face.

As Cole was concluding the interview, “The Inspirational” Bo Dallas emerged and tried to share motivational words with the former World Champion, going so far as to tell him his injury must be “a pain in the neck.” Both Bryan and the WWE Universe, however, were not in the mood for Dallas’ pick-me-ups. After Bryan hilariously called the up-and-comer a “Bo-Ner,” he told him to “Bo-LEAVE” Boston’s TD Garden, as the WWE Universe showered The Beard with another chorus of “Yeses” to end the interview.

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