Miz makes moves to become an Awesome dad

The Miz gets sticker shock after viewing his wife's date night dinner bill: Miz & Mrs., Aug. 7, 2018

Maryse orders a fancy truffle pasta dish to quell her pregnancy craving, leaving a major dent in The Miz's wallet.

The Miz is determined to be a hands-on dad-to-be, despite his busy travel schedule as an A-List WWE Superstar. With just three weeks until WrestleMania, then-Intercontinental Champion Miz is concerned about missing the birth of his baby girl, who is due to arrive on April 6 – two days before WrestleMania 34! The only major thing Maryse has asked of her husband is to just be there for the birth – not necessarily an easy task.

Miz is noticeably upset that mother-in-law Marjo replaces him at an infant CPR class with Maryse, so he takes it upon himself to get certified by a medical professional backstage at a WWE event, alongside pal Dolph Ziggler. Maryse is impressed by her husband’s efforts to become infant CPR trained but not as impressed when he tests out his cooking skills and tries to make her a more economical version of her recurring pregnancy craving – pricey truffle pasta. Miz makes it up to her by going to all of Maryse’s doctor’s appointments and even accompanying her to shop for baby gear.

Meanwhile, Maryse is closer than ever to becoming a new mom and surprised to learn that she will have to deliver her baby girl via Caesarean section, throwing a wrench into her birth plan. However, the parents-to-be are relieved when they discover they can schedule Maryse’s surgery for a week before her due date, meaning before WrestleMania, so Miz will undoubtedly be there for the birth. Awwwwesome!

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