‘WWE Legends’ House’ Season 1, Episode 1 recap: Welcome to the neighborhood

Tempers run high as film star Gary Busey stops in to give the cast of "Legends' House" some inner peace: WWE Legends' House, April 17, 2014

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and Tony Atlas have a disagreement.

After getting reacquainted inside their lush new digs on the premier episode of WWE Network’s exclusive reality show “WWE Legends’ House, ” “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Hillbilly Jim, “Mean” Gene Okerlund, Howard Finkel, “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, Tony Atlas and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan came face-to-face with Ashley, the housemates’ lovely new events coordinator. Ashley wasted little time sending the ex-brawlers and WWE personalities out into their Palm Springs, Calif., surroundings, so that they can — armed with only a welcome cake — introduce themselves to their new neighbors. Let the hilarity ensure!

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Later, as Piper and Duggan took on a nasty blender in the kitchen, Patterson and “The Mouth of the South” jumped into a golf cart to visit the local grocery store. There, they gathered ingredients for the first-ever Intercontinental Champion, who had decided to make dinner for one and all. However, when the meal took longer to cook than expected, Hillbilly Jim and “The Mouth of the South” battled their hunger with a distraction: a  heated game of doubles tennis against Piper and Finkel. While “Hacksaw” and Atlas did get a few laughs over the affair from afar, the “Rowdy One” had more than a little trouble mastering the fundamentals of the game.

With the sound of a loud gong the following day, the crew received a surprise visit from unpredictable film star Gary Busey, who set out to help the former grapplers find inner peace with an impromptu round of meditation. However, he could only stand idly by as a heated exchange between Atlas and Duggan took center stage at mealtime, and it wasn’t long before Hot Rod decided to put the actor in his place.

After several Legends engaged in an amusing comparison of physical scars from their in-ring days, the group looked to unwind for the evening. Only, Piper was conspicuous by his absence. Battling his own personal demons of the night in bed, Hot Rod closed the premier episode by walking out into the darkness to howl at the moon.

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