Undertaker's Biggest Mistake

Just over one month ago, SmackDown's foundation was shaken to its very core when Daivari unleashed The Great Khali onto the WWE landscape. That night, the mammoth newcomer interrupted a WrestleMania rematch between Undertaker and Mark Henry. In just a few short moments, The Great Khali had unleashed a brutal attack on the Phenom, and in mere seconds, may have done more damage than any man had done to Undertaker in his entire career. Tonight, Undertaker will get a chance for revenge when the two giants meet at Judgment Day.

Just hours before the huge match, WWE.com caught up backstage with The Great Khali's manager Daivari. As he has been all along, the young and cocky manager was confident about his man's chances tonight.

"The Great Khali has been an unstoppable force in WWE since the first moment he stepped foot on the SmackDown scene. Tonight will be no different. Khali has already broken Undertaker's spirit, and tonight, he will finish off the Deadman once and for all."

Daivari also had a special message, and a bit of advice for the returning WWE legend. "Undertaker, you should have learned the first time you went face to face with Khali. Nobody has ever manhandled you like this before, and if you know what's good for you, you will stay down. Coming back tonight will be the biggest mistake of your life. The Great Khali will make you wish you never came back, and he will see to it that you are never heard from again."

In mere hours, the world will see if Daivari's words ring true as Undertaker and The Great Khali square off at Judgment Day.

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