King Booker to teach a lesson?

This Sunday at Judgment Day, the King of the Ring tournament will conclude when Booker T takes on Bobby Lashley in the finals.

The final match in this tournament features Superstars from either end of the spectrum, Booker T, a grizzled veteran, and Lashley, a newcomer poised to make his mark in WWE.

Booker T is beyond confident that he will emerge victorious this Sunday, and is already preparing to change his name. "Come Sunday, I will legally and formally change my name to King Booker, without the T," said Booker in an interview with "If somebody doesn't address me as King Booker from that day on, they will face the consequences and the repercussions, if you know what I'm saying."

His opponent, Lashley is also looking to join the small list of elite Superstars who have made a name for themselves in WWE by winning the King of the Ring tournament. "Booker hasn't given me any recognition," said Lashley. "It's very important for me to win this tournament. I not only want to prove it to myself and the fans that I can be the King of the Ring, but I want to prove it to Booker T also. He doesn't look at me as one of the top guys, and I want to get in his face and show him that I am ready for him and I'm ready for this weekend."

Many people think that Lashley has gotten in Booker T's head recently, possibly having psyched him out a bit. Booker disagrees. "Lashley has got a great future in this business," said Booker. "He reminds me of myself back when I was a young Booker T coming up in the ranks, but I've come a long way since then. He's not going to be wrestling the old Booker T; he's going to be facing a former World Television Champion, the greatest tag team wrestler of all time, and the greatest champion this business has ever seen."

Lashley is aware of Booker T's accomplishments and has learned a lot from watching him. "I just need to keep me eyes open. These so called veterans are coming out with these sneaky little tricks to win matches," said Lashley. "I wasn't keeping my eyes open as to what was going on, but at King of the Ring, I'll be watching Booker and Sharmell, ready and waiting."

Being the grizzled veteran that he is, however, Booker T knows all the tricks of the trade. "I know all the holes to duck into, all the corners to go around and hide if I need to," said Booker.

With Booker making statements like that, one has to wonder if Lashley's thoughts on the situation are correct. When asked why Lashley thinks he's been overlooked and underestimated by Booker T, Lashley stated, "I think it's because I am the one he fears the most."

When the two potential Kings enter the ring will the Bookerman teach young Lashley a lesson? Or will the newcomer teach an old dog a new trick? Watch Judgment Day to find out.

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