A good ol' fashioned fight added to Judgment Day

His name is Finlay, and he likes to fight. But so does Chris Benoit. And they will get the opportunity to show just how much they love to fight this Sunday, live on pay-per-view at Judgment Day.

SmackDown announcer Michael Cole hosted the Judgment Day press conference, which was shown live on WWE.com, and opened the event by telling the fans about the brand new match. And his first guest was none other than former World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit.

Just two weeks ago, it was Finlay who cost Benoit an opportunity to advance in the King of the Ring tournament. They met in an opening round match, and the fighting Irishman resorted to underhanded tactics to pick up the victory. With the referee distracted, Finlay used a steel chair to jab Benoit in the neck, then hit him with his signature Celtic Cross and picked up the win. It's an incident Benoit has not forgotten.

These Superstars share very similar styles and are considered two of the best brawlers in sports-entertainment history. Their intensity is matched only by each other, so it's no surprise that the history between these Superstars goes back much further than their King of the Ring match a couple of weeks ago.

In fact, the two had several memorable clashes during their days in WCW over the Television Championship. Finlay successfully defended his WCW Television Championship against Benoit at Slamboree in 1998.

The rivalry resurfaced on SmackDown back in February, and it has gotten more and more vicious with every altercation. On the Feb. 3 edition of SmackDown, Booker T chose Finlay as a replacement in his Best of Seven Series for the United States Championship. After battling it out tooth and nail, Finlay was disqualified when Sharmell interfered. Ironically, it was Booker T whom Finlay defeated to become the Television Champion in WCW. Booker T managed to reclaim the gold from Finlay about a month later.

Over the next few weeks they found themselves on opposite sides of tag team matches, with each Superstar earning a victory. But during their WWE rivalry, they are 1-1 in singles competition.

Who will win this rubber match at Judgment Day? Can Chris Benoit make Finlay tap out? Or will Finlay make it two in a row over Benoit? Find out this Sunday at 8/7 CT on pay-per-view at Judgment Day.

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