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John Cena vs. JBL in an I Quit Match for the WWE Championship

At WrestleMania 21, John Cena ended JBL's nearly 10-month reign as WWE Champion. So, for the second consecutive year, JBL walked into Judgment Day as the challenger; this time, Cena was his opponent, and the match was made an I Quit Match on SmackDown leading up to the pay-per-view.

Before the match, Cena came to the ring on the back of a semi-trailer containing turntables and disc jockey equipment; this would come into play later in the bout.

Early in the match, the two men exchanged some mat wrestling, and Cena eventually clotheslined JBL out of the ring. Cena then sent JBL into the barrier, but as they fought into the crowd, the challenger nailed a DDT on the floor to take control. Back into the ringside area, JBL asked Cena if he wanted to quit, but he refused; consequently, JBL sent the champion into the ring post, then whipped him and choked him out with a belt.

JBL then tried a piledriver through the announcers' table, but Cena countered by backdropping the champion through the other announce table. JBL recovered and nailed Cena with a chair, busting the champion open. He then nailed Cena with the ring steps, and after getting back into the ring, the challenger hit a pair of Clotheslines from Hell. JBL followed that up by choking Cena, then nailing him with the microphone every time the champion refused to quit.

Cena was able to make a comeback, nailing JBL with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He then hit the FU, but JBL rolled out of the ring following the move. Cena followed him outside, and the two battled onto JBL's limo. They then brawled over to the electrical equipment area, and JBL was sent crashing through the glass of a television set, busting him open as well. Back over to the limo, Cena sent JBL's head through a window, and after battling onto, over and into the limo, the champion smashed the challenger's head into the outside door.

After using the limo as a weapon, Cena dragged JBL over to the semi-trailer, but the challenger stopped his momentum with a thumb to the eye and a DDT. JBL then climbed on top of an amplifier and tried to hang Cena, but the champion disrupted his balance, sending the challenger crashing through one of the equipment tables. As JBL crawled away, Cena pulled an exhaust pipe off the cab of the semi-trailer and proceeded to stalk JBL. As he did, JBL decided to stop the punishment, yelling "I Quit" to end the match. Not happy with just the victory, Cena still charged JBL with the exhaust pipe, nailing him and knocking him backwards through a glass screen.

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