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Undertaker vs. Hulk Hogan for the WWE Championship

One year after his WWE debut, Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan at Survivor Series 1991 to win the WWE Championship. Over a decade later, Hogan was once again WWE Champion, and once again he was matched up with the Deadman.

As the match began, Undertaker used the weight belt he had previously stolen from Hogan, beating the champion with it. Hogan eventually gained control of the weight belt and used it to whip Undertaker, but the referee finally stepped in and took the belt away.

At one point, Hogan hit his famous big boot and went for the legdrop, but Undertaker caught his leg and turned it into a half-Boston crab. Hogan escaped and made a comeback, but the Deadman caught him with a chokeslam for a close near-fall. Hogan kicked out, and began to "Hulk Up" on the Deadman.

Impervious to Undertaker's attack, Hogan nailed the Deadman with the big boot and legdrop, but this time the Deadman kicked out at two. Hogan was astounded, and Undertaker was able to hit a DDT on the champion as a result.

Mr. McMahon then made his way out, and with the referee distracted by the WWE Chairman, Undertaker went to grab a steel chair. However, Hogan kicked it back in his face and hit another legdrop. He then covered Undertaker, but with the referee distracted, there was never a count made.

Hogan then brought McMahon into the ring and nailed him with a right hand, followed up by a legdrop. However, as the referee checked on the fallen WWE Chairman, Undertaker reclaimed the steel chair and blasted Hogan in the back with it. The Deadman followed that up with a chokeslam, and that was enough to get the pin, giving Undertaker his fourth WWE Championship.

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