Main Event

Undertaker vs. Kane for the WWE Championship with guest referee Stone Cold Steve Austin

In September 1998, both Undertaker and Kane pinned then-WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Triple Threat Match at Breakdown, and both men laid a claim to the championship. To settle the confusion, a match between Undertaker and Kane was set up at Judgment Day, with Austin as special guest referee.

Undertaker started out quickly, but Kane was able to stop his momentum with a powerslam. The Deadman did his patented sit-up, however, and nailed Kane with a clothesline. Unfortunately for him, Austin refused to count the pinfall.

The match then spilled outside the ring, where Kane made a comeback by avoiding a chairshot and ramming the Deadman into the ringpost. Back inside, Undertaker managed to take control again, but Kane mimicked his sit-up. Undaunted, Undertaker continued on the attack, focusing on Kane's leg.

Kane managed to stem the attack by nailing a spinebuster, and in the ensuing melee, Austin was knocked down. Kane then chokeslammed Stone Cold, and the brothers turned their attention to assaulting the referee. Undertaker double crossed Kane however, prompting Paul Bearer to make his way to ringside. Bearer tried to nail the Deadman with a chair, but hit Kane instead. Undertaker then grabbed the chair, nailing Kane as well.

At this point, Austin was recovered, and he nailed Undertaker with a Stone Cold Stunner. He then hit the Deadman with a chair and counted both men out, declaring himself the winner. Officially, the decision was rendered as a No Contest, and the championship remained vacant until Survivor Series. Following the match, as Stone Cold stood in the ring, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon appeared in a plexiglass-enclosed press box behind the TitanTron and punished Stone Cold, screaming "Stone Cold, screw you, you're fired!"


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