Sheamus’ “Hellish” predictions

Sheamus’ “Hellish” predictions

Sheamus might be busy getting ready for his clash with Christian this Sunday, but there’s another match at WWE Hell in a Cell that the ravenous “Great White” will be eyeing with great interest: Randy Orton’s battle with World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry inside Satan’s Structure.

“To be honest with you, I feel sorry for both men going into that Cell,” Sheamus  told, drawing from his own experience unsuccessfully challenging The Viper for the WWE Championship inside Hell in a Cell one year ago. “I came out of the Cell a different person. Nothing can prepare you for how brutal it is. If Mark Henry continues to do what he’s been doing, I don’t think Randy Orton stands a chance.”

embedcolon25032451If anyone knows the destruction The World’s Strongest Man is capable of, it’s The Celtic Warrior. In July, Sheamus was the first Superstar to willingly stand in the behemoth’s path, and absorbed the full force of Henry’s fury in a chaotic encounter at this year’s SummerSlam. However, Sheamus added, one would be unwise to underestimate WWE’s Apex Predator inside the unforgiving confines of The Devil’s Playground.

“That RKO can come out of anywhere, fella,” Sheamus said of Orton’s devastating signature maneuver that he knows all too well. “And if it does, it’s lights out.”

WWE Hell in a Cell could also mean “lights out” for Christian, a bitter Superstar that has gotten under Sheamus’ iconic pale skin over the past several weeks with his incessant pleas for “one more match.”

“He’s been whining like a little girl since he lost the World Heavyweight Championship, and I’m just having a bit of fun right now putting a lid on his mouth,” Sheamus said. “I’m doing what everybody wants to do. I’m shutting Christian up.” (MATCH PREVIEW)

embedcolon25034176After he’s done silencing Christian – preferably with a well-timed Brogue Kick – Sheamus said he plans on going after the World Heavyweight Championship, whether it’s Henry or Orton that walks out of Hell in a Cell with the illustrious prize.

“That’s why I’m here,” Sheamus affirmed. “I’m here to be successful and I’m here to be the World Heavyweight Champion. “

Do you agree that Randy Orton has his work cut out for him this Sunday? Will Sheamus finally silence Christan’s campaign for “one more match”?  Share your thoughts with the rest of the WWE Universe on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to tune in to WWE  Hell in a Cell, this Sunday, only on pay-per-view.

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