Tazz makes a guarantee

Last week on SmackDown, Tazz addressed weeks of ridicule and taunting from Jerry Lawler regarding both himself, and the ECW brand, and he did so in dramatic fashion. Showing the passion and the intensity which made him one of the most feared and intimidating World Champions in ECW history, Tazz issued a challenge to Lawler for One Night Stand.

Addressing The King as ‘old man’, Tazz made a guarantee. “You wanna go on RAW, and you wanna talk junk about ECW and about me not being tough no more…but here’s the deal my friend. If you show up at One Night Stand, with god as my witness, I guarantee I will choke you out.” Will Jerry Lawler accept Tazz’s challenge for One Night Stand? Tune in to RAW tonight to find out.

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