A fight for survival

Paul Heyman and ECW are used to having their backs against the wall. This Wednesday will be no different as the newly re-launched brand goes head to head with the mighty WWE on the Head to Head USA special. With the future of ECW at stake, Heyman understands the importance of a successful opening night. ECW.com caught up with Paul Heyman to discuss the ramifications of tomorrow night’s events.

According to Heyman, the WWE vs. ECW Head to Head special may be the most crucial night in ECW history. “Actually, I think Wednesday night could be the single most important night for ECW. It’s like taking a time machine back to the 90’s. Here we are, once again in a fight to the death, a fight for survival.”

That fight for survival is something ECW is all too familiar with. As Heyman points out, for people to take the new ECW seriously, the brand must come out fighting, and tomorrow night will be the first opportunity to do just that. “For One Night Stand to mean anything, for our debut on the Sci-Fi network to mean anything, we must make a statement on Wednesday. We need to go towards the future with as much momentum as possible, so tomorrow night, we will be looking to make an impact.”

At Head to Head, ECW will look to two of it’s legends to set the tone and generate some much needed momentum heading into Sunday’s One Night Stand. Wednesday night, Rob Van Dam will take on SmackDown’s World Champion Rey Mysterio, and Sabu will face off with WWE Champion and RAW representative John Cena. Heyman thinks the relationship between RVD and Sabu will prove beneficial for both men as they embark on two of the biggest matches of their career come Sunday. “RVD and Sabu will have a unique advantage at One Night Stand. Having trained together for years, they will be able to scout their respective opponents and exchange notes for their matches this Sunday.”

Aside from the two big singles matches, Head to Head will also feature a 20-man Battle Royal between 10 WWE Superstars, and 10 ECW Superstars. The Battle Royal environment is one that the ECW veterans are very familiar with. “This kind of match plays right to our strengths. In a battle royal, with an ‘us vs. them’ mentality, this is where we excel. We are fighters, we are brawlers, and tomorrow night I expect us to come out on top.”

Regardless of how well Head to Head and One Night Stand go for ECW, Heyman knows their will always be doubters. “We know people are going to doubt us, and that people want to see us fail. Unfortunately for them, it’s a different playing field this time. In Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle, we’ve taken two of the best WWE has to offer. With these two components, we are the best brand out there. Come tomorrow night, and come One Night Stand, we are going to prove to everyone without a shadow of a doubt, that the new ECW is unstoppable.”

WWE vs. ECW Head to Head airs live this Wednesday night on USA Network at 9/8 CT.

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