Stripped down

Tuesday night saw six of the Sexiest Women on Television face off in a bout of Extreme Strip Poker on ECW on Sci Fi. Hosted by the loveable albeit hygienically questionable Extremist Balls Mahoney, the Divas fought tooth and nail down through their layers of sexy lingerie. While Extreme Strip Poker may have ended in a catfight, the clear winner in this contest was the ECW on Sci Fi audience.

The evening of thigh highs and high stakes began with an introduction of each Diva and an explication of the rules of one card stud poker: the Diva with the lowest card tosses an article of clothing.

The lovely ladies proceeded to play and dutifully removed their clothes when they lost the hand. But as they were getting down to their final threads, a skeptical Candice accused Maria of cheating, launching the ladies into a catfight and leaving Balls with a big smile on his face chanting, "ECW, ECW, ECW!"


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